Redistributor good for moze?

Got a question for anyone who could help me. I play as moze on PS4 and had a green monster recursion build that absolutely destroyed mayhem 10. After the patch the recursion is still alright but I’m wondering if maybe the redistributor would work better? I loved the recursion because it made mobbing with moze so easily. If anyone has any other suggestions for a good mobbing weapon I would greatly appreciate it.

maybe u just get 1 urself and try it out , maliwan takedown is no longer challenging as before anyway

Yeah its not challenging. I can do the whole thing in about 10 mins but who knows how long it will take to farm for one with a good anoint. So i thought id ask in case someone’s tried it so i don’t just waste my time.

a good gun doesn’t need the ideal annoint to be good lol

Seeing how anointments double or triple your damage output, that’s a blatant lie…

Anointments broke this allready broken game

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youre literally misunderstanding what i say lol , for example, u have a monarch with maybe ASE 40 siren annoint , u can still kill enemy fair quickly. ofc u definitely can get better result with ase 2 mag or 100 but this definitely isnt bad at all

That doesn’t answer op’s question at all. Meta weapons can be good without anoint yes, but we don’t have much to choose from rn as its always the same meta + new weapons coming out that are worth without, a redistributor on moze without anointment is complely trash, where an anointed one can still be made use of with the right gear/setup


I use a flipper now for Mobbing with the 50/150 annointment. It’s awesome. Of you have a class mod with the general weapon damage it’s probably enough added to an artifact to do the job nicely. I do have more rolls than that so it wrecks.

What I’m saying is that anointments make bad weapons better but don’t fix the problem of them being sub-par :joy:

And having some good weapons that can’t be anointed make them useless in terms of damage.

The rapid fire masher from the DLC can’t be anointed. My Maggie outdamages it on pure damage (the fire rate on the DLC weapon makes it harder to make use of its allready lower damage) then throw in an other 100% damage (or 200/300 even) I’m cutting damage in half just to use a weapon that can’t use an anointment :thinking:

I just can’t understand why GBX thinks this is a good idea… No matter what they do they need to change it… But hey, it’s allready to late for me… No matter what they change I’m pretty much done with this game…

They are planning new content for next year… But I’m done… For me this franchise isn’t worth it. GBX clearly hasn’t learned anything from their previous games and instead try to reinvent the wheel…

I’d pass on the Redistributor for now; the mechanic works well for Moze (you get extra chained shots from Cloud of Lead), but it is underpowered compared to other guns and probably not worth the farming time if you’re tired of the MTD.

Flipper is good if you want to stick with using the Green Monster.


then we can conclude that redistributer is complete trash

No :slight_smile: gearbox scaling is trash

True facts.

Redistrubutor sucks for Moze. Use a Flipper or if you don’t like the Flipper get a Kaoson.
Unfortunately SMGs have probably the lease viable options from the six weapon types and the best ones outclass even semi decent ones by a large margin.

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