Redistributor, I would like one


Does anyone have one that they could spare before it gets nerfed


Did you ever get one?

yes, thanks

Im still looking for one! Do you have one to give or would you like something in trade?

No trade necessary, what toon is it for?

For an elemental Amara

Pm’d you…

@StumpyJoeChilds Would you happen to have any with +100% Cryo SNTL?

I may…what flavor w/cryo?

Corrosive or shock is what I’m currently looking for

@SuitableTrain8…sorry for hijacking your post!

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Gotcha covered

Thanks :), what are you looking for? See if I can hook you up!

I’m all set but thank you, I’ll be home 15:00-ish EST

Greatly appreciate it man!!

no big deal at all, BTW it’s pretty darn good.

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