Redistributor-related questions

I’d like to get my hands on a Redistributor, but the Maliwan Takedown sounds pretty daunting. I have some questions:

  1. Do I have to be on M4 to get one, or does it drop at other Mayhem levels?

  2. How hard is the Takedown?

  3. What other guns emulate the Redistributor to make the Chain Zane build work?

I use a level 50 Zane with the Chain Zane skill trees. I have a pretty decent set of guns and shields, etc, and I can take down Gigamind and Graveward on M4. But, I don’t think of myself as being a very accomplished gamer. Am I going to embarrass myself? If I die, how badly does it affect the other members of the foursome?

  1. No, but if you want a better chance at anointment, then yeah, its M4. Keep in mind that the droprates are quite terrible, as I’ve killed Wotan about 90 times so far on M4 and havent had a single anointed Redistributor. Have at least 8 non anointed ones.
  2. Its hard to solo on M4. Even with teams, if your teammates dont have a good build. I solo M4 Takedown in 15-18min with Chain Zane. No god rolls, except a Redistributor that I got from someone.
  3. Brainstormer, as it will chain between enemies thus resetting your Action Skills. Can use it from time to time to keep the skills up and then switch to a DPS weapon, whatever it might be.

Just try it and see for yourself. If you die, and your teammates are also inexperienced/bad builds than theres nothing to be done. If someone has a build that can solo the Takedown, im sure they wont care that much if you die.

Thanks for the advice, AWT. I have no intention of attempting it solo until they re-balance it for the size of the party. (The 16th, I believe)

I have a brainstormer that I just started using tonight. Seems to work well on Gigamind, but not as effective on Killavolt.

Brainstormer is not a single target weapon. Its power comes from chaining electricity between enemies. Killavolt is also immune to electricity.
I suggested it to you for one reason - to keep the Seein Dead class mods perk active (keeping up your Action Skills active).
It CAN do alot of damage, if theres alot of enemies around. For a singular target you got Ion Cannon, Maggie, Cutsman, Lyuda, Q-System, Scourge and some other weapons.

You can make killavolt a whole lot easier if you have a transformer shield.

I wondered if he was immune; it’s been a long time since I fought him.

I know about the chaining between enemies. It works great for the guys around Alpha Anointed.

As for single enemies, I’m kind of a COV guy. :slight_smile: I don’t know why the Skeksil and Linoge aren’t more popular.

I’ve been watching for a decent Maggie. I just don’t have the patience to go through all 5 levels of the Cistern of Slaughter on the off chance that one might drop.

Yep, got that covered.

To be clear, Killavolt used to be one of my go-to guys, but I hadn’t farmed him in a while. He didn’t down me or anything, but it was a lot longer fight than it should’ve been.

What platform do you play on? If you’re on PC, I’ll happily run it with you if I have time.

Just like apewiththumbs said, brainstormer (edit) works beautifully with chain zane to proc kill skills. However, before I got my redistributors, and subsequently anointed redistributors, I was using a night hawkin for single target. It’s also worth noting that you get a redistributor from the mission playthrough (athenas mission I think). While it is severely less powerful than the legendary counterparts, it makes for an effective means to farm your first legendary redistributor.

Edit: spelling correction.

I’m on PC. (StarkRaving) Probably can’t do it tomorrow night as my girlfriend is off work. I’ll check in with you though.

Yeah no worries, I’m a junior in college with a wife and first kid on the way so my schedule can be tight as well haha

Epic is KittyShoes17 so add me and I’ll be down to play

I’ve added you.

Congrats on the upcoming kid.

Lifewise, I’m kinda on the other end of the spectrum from you. I’m 55 and have a dog and girlfriend. No kids.