Redistributor SNTNL anoits

Happy holidays hunters…

Looking for a set of elemental Distributors that are SNTNL anoited (S/R/C preferred atm.) . Have a full set of ASE 100% damg Distributors to trade in return or anything else you are looking for.

Online now. Looking for quick transaction!!

PSN buckshotzero

Looking for those as well. Anything you need in particular?

Just the redistributors at the moment.

Have STNTL Bonus Cryo Redistributors in Shock, Fire, and Cryo I believe.

I have on or two in 100% ASE, but I’ll trade for the rest.

PSN jorgeammo

Happy Holidays!

I may not be able to get on much tomorrow, but I’ll be able to help you out at some point during the next few days if interested. Not sure what STNTL anointment your looking for.

Ill take em. I sent friends request.

Thanks for replying Happy holidays to you as well!!

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