Redistrutor, SoulRender, Unkempt Harold and Eraser

Are Eraser Points wasted when all I basically run with is these three weps??

I know Eraser on some Splash stuff is great…but Know it’s useless on a Redistrutor. Splash is the Skull only on the SoulRender and no clue on the Harold except Harold is a big time splash gun.

I would still take at least 1 point if not cap the skill anyways. You can use it like Bore (against mobs, not against Bunker or stuff like that), lining up mobs and firing headshots through them to wreck beefier enemies. Its such a good skill that I wouldn’t risk being without it unless you ever shoot a gun.

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Redistributor with eraser, hustler and brain freeze is decent for freezing mobs. I sometimes use it if i am gaming with my lad for some cc.

Add in n2m and ass revolter and ase grenade along with an ice breaker and its not too shabby.

It is fairly niche in all fairness haha.