Redline shotgun anointed?

Anyone know if there is an anointed version of the redline? not sure how anointed works if all legendary weapons have an anointed version. I just want to know if its worth farming to try to get a anointed version right now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

he dropped it twice for me and both were annointed. one was ammo regen and i dont remember the other

all guns and shields can be anointed. I don’t know about grenades

Yes, there is. I got an anointed one yesterday for Amara. 250% damage after phasecast. Lemme go get a screenshot.

I think I got about a dozen Redlines after a little more than an hour of farming. Only one was anointed. Was playing solo on M2, online mode.

Thanks all :slight_smile: cant wait to farm.