Redownloading Headhunter pack on new disc

I’m kinda illiterate when it comes to stuff to like this so bear with me. So my 360 scratched the crap out of my disc and now it wont run. It was the GOTY edition. I had just downloaded a couple of the headhunter packs as well as the Ultimate upgrade pack 2. I was level 66 when the disc quit working. So, I put in borderlands 2 (base game) disc and re-downloaded the add on content and my gunzerker is still back down to level 61. How do I get my level 66 back? Do I need to buy another copy of GOTY edition and use that instead of the base game?

ok i figured that out. HDD was loose and the xbox wasnt reading it. Now that HDD is plugged back in, I get disc unreadable error during startup. Only happens to bl2, any other game or movie works just fine. I unplugged my HDD and it works though. So theres an error in the HDD that wont let me run bl2, any ideas?

You still need a game disk in the DVD drive unless you bought an entirely digital version (sounds like that’s not the case.) If the game doesn’t run when you insert your replacement BL2 DVD, it’s either a problem with the DVD drive or the replacement disk. Given the scratching you had on the old game, I’m thinking your DVD drive is on the way out. How old/which model is it?

Sorry, just re-read your post and it seems the new game disk works when the HDD is not attached, but won’t read when the HDD is connected? Try doing a licence transfer (System > Storage > HDD options). Something may have got out of sync when you ran the game with the new DVD while the HDD wasn’t properly connected.

correct, the game wont run with HDD connected. When would i transfer the content too then?

Make sure the HDD is connected, start up your 360, and log into your profile. Navigate to the tab displaying the system storage, highlight the HDD, and choose Options (Y iirc). One of the menu options will be licence transfer - use this. It doesn’t take long (basically refreshes the DRM records for the software bought/used under your profile.)

Once you’ve done that, try launching the game. If it won’t work at all, you may well need to by a GOTY edition disk; worth a try though. The only other thing I can think of is clearing the system cache and restarting. That is one of the other options in the same menu as the licence transfer. The game will need to re-download the title update afterwards, but that shouldn’t take too long.

Hope you manage to get things working again!

Thank you for those clear instructions…it doesn’t exactly say liscense transfer, just transfer content. And then it asks me which storage device I want it transferred to. Appears to just be a content transfer between my hard drive and memory unit, both of which are too full.

It’s definitely NOT transfer content. Hang on, I may have misremembered something…

… Yeah, sorry about that. Licence Transfer is an option on Account > Billing Options. Here’s a link:

Note in that link that when it says “download content again” all you have to do is go into your Download History and select the stuff; it’ll start updating but then complete very rapidly since all it’s really doing is confirming that the licence info is up to date.

As I said, no guarantee this will fix your problems, but that and clearing the system cache have solved a few issues for me in the past, and they don’t take long to do. If the game disk still gives you an error, you’ll probably need to swap it for a GOTY version, but it’s worth a shot.