Reduce the damage from Musk's mud pies, please

OK, we know it’s hard to get people to play Helio on advanced.
The knock-backs, scripted fights, Nix, etc., but the damage from Musk’s mud pies at the rate they are thrown, gosh.

In the image below Atticus is making health, other person on the team is Rath, we are not ranged so…

We both have to attack Musk and end this damage. But if we get close:

The mud pies from Musk take all of my shield instantly, and most of my remaining health.
Not possible for Atti to stand there and make an opening to attack Musk.
If this was an Alani issue, or even one of the other PvP spotlight problems it would be addressed.

I’m not asking for Helio to be easier, just that each mud pie does less damage, please.


Not to sound snide, but, when I was leveling Attikus up, I never really had a problem with Mu’sklati. I just learned to dodge his ranged attacks and wailed on his feet (uber Attikus boss damage makes it way easier; also, Hedronic Arc AoE w/ lifesteal is also very nice) while someone else focused on keeping the adds dead.

The important thing is to keep moving when you’re on the far side since he aims where you were standing when he fired them (they home in a bit but not that much) and they’re not particularly fast.

I’ve mastered Atticus and know what you are saying.
We are running in circles, as we do, but we had to make attacks and I used every Atticus resource.

The point remains, those things Musk hurls, if just one of them hits you, gosh.

btw, I’ve done Helio one or two times :wink:


I know, lol. Which is why I prefaced it by saying that I wasn’t trying to appear snide.

…True, less of them would be nice.
I always jump/melee attack under it and can dodge the popcorn :blush:

In that second picture, Mu’Sklati didn’t kill you. The horde of Thrall Brute did (it even says so). You should always focus on Warlord Nix’s adds before approaching Mu’Sklati, because they are capable of much more damage.

Either way, I’ve found that within Melee range of Mu’Sklati, it won’t attack with the plasma barrage (at least not accurately), instead opting for an annoying knockback attack. Frustrating for melee, but on a team it draws aggro and lets ranged characters have free crits. You do have to worry about the ~20 adds it spawns periodically though.

…The damage on the screen only shows the final blows, Atticus took a ton of mud pies on the way over.
I’ll put my Helio skills up against anyone. :wink:

btw, willing to show a screen shot of how many times you have done Helio?

Well, I’m not exactly trying to prove anything, but I too would put my story skills up against anyone, so if you insist on seeing my stats, here are my stats:

You’ll see a few less Helio runs than yourself (because it’s a boring chore of a mission with only one legendary drop that I already have all of, so I avoid it if possible), but about 200 more runs combined for the whole.

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…Cool :smile:

Kitru and I just finished Helio, 4th time today.

So there is a medal higher than gold, first one i saw. Nice man

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According to a dev I spoke with, the Diamond medal is technically in the game, but is disabled by means of an unachievable score threshold with the intention of eventually rebalancing medal thresholds to include it with special rewards. I got one of them during the beta (while they were enabled), and the one you see here on day one or two after release, likely before they patched the score thresholds. Haven’t gotten one since.


…Wow, never have seen one.

Keep in mind the the damage scales based on the number of players, and the last damage jump (5 players instead of 4 players) seems to cause a MUCH larger increase in difficulty than any of the other player number difficulty jumps:

  • MANY more enemy spawns (and better ones, such as more “Major Enemies”).
  • A LARGE buff to enemy damage.
  • Everything has a lot more health.
  • Etc.

There are also mechanics-basic changes for a lot of things based on the number of players, such as removal of certain boss tactics with less players.