Reduced Crashes with Nvidia GPU's

Hi, I was hoping to be able to post this as a fix but sadly not…

But it is greatly reduced the amount of crashes and lockups that my friend is experiencing on BL2

He has a i5 3570k with GTX 980 and his game would lock up 3 or more times a night, but now it only once in 2 days.
I also get occasional crashes but not so frequent on my i7 6700k and 980Ti but I haven’t updated my drivers for a couple of months and am currently on 381.89.

I did a clean install of Win10 for him and only put on Steam and Geforce experience, but it still kept locking up.
But then i disable Share (Shadowplay) - Under Setttings - General… and it did not lock up for an entire day.

Worth a try if you have Geforce Experience installed :wink:

The crashes he and I have been getting have been something to do with a Memory Mananger (AK::MemoryMgr), which makes me wonder whether BL2 and Nvidia drivers/Shadowplay are trying to access the same bit of memory or something then throwing a wobbly?

Since ShadowPlay keeps a continuous 30s “buffer” of your gameplay, it almost certainly does access the same memory as the game. There’s a few other things that can help too, which are all listed elsewhere in this sub-forum. Playing under Windows 10 certainly seems to create issues for a number of folks.

I use Shadowplay without an issue on Windows 10, but don’t see the setting you’re talking about. I’m using an older version though ( with driver 376.53), but roll with a six-minute DVR buffer. I don’t even see that Share setting? Is it new?

How much RAM does this computer have, and what kind of hard drive does it have (if there are more than one type, which type does the DVR point to)?

We are both using version of GF Experience.

We also run games off the same HDD’s which is a Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB (OS/Steam)
I think my mate has another 2 installed, one i think is a Crucial M4, not sure what the other is
I currently have 1TB Samsung F3 and a 4TB Hitachi Desktar along with the SSD.

We both have 16GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM, his is DDR3, mine is DDR4

My Shadowplay usually uses the SSD, but i have used the Hitachi due to running out of space.
I use 5mins Instant Replay.

Oh and if you have an older version of GF Experience, is it still referred to as Shadowplay? If so, just have a look for a way to disable it.

Actually, next time i play with him I might get him to remove Geforce Experience as all he seems to use it for is to keep drivers up to date.

Personally my thoughts with drivers are… if my games are working fine with the current driver, then why bother updating!

Does anyone have a recommend Nvidia driver for use with BL2?

[quote=“sWi7zLe, post:5, topic:1593455”]all he seems to use it for is to keep drivers up to date.[/quote]:laughing:

I think the last time I updated was for the new Doom (which wasn’t that long ago)? Not sure really - like you, I only jump video card drivers if a new game warrants one, and then I park on whatever is stable. I don’t necessarily recommend the one I’m using, but it has been good to me (using a GTX 980 Ti).