„Reduced damage“ bug after recent patch


A friend has encountered a very bizarre kind of issue with the game, which I also witnessed, since I am playing Cooperative with him, and after seeing it first hand at his place.

So far we hoth played BL3‘s main story in Coop, and completed it in normal mode, me playing Fl4k, and he playing Moze, reaching level 50 during our first playthrough. After that we went on in TVHM and Mayhem 3 without any issues.

Then immediately after the introduction of the latest patch (the one containing Makiwan Takedown, Mayhem 4 and the bank changes) things became weird to the detriment of my friend.

His Moze character dealt substantially less damage, regardless of difficulty and mayhem. Even less than my Jabber. We tried different kinds of skill combos, equipment, anything. Every weapon he used dealt substanstially less damage than even it‘s base damage. Elemental and explosive weapons only dealt a fraction of it.

We even swapped weapons with each other, and back, and while they worked perfectly on my Fl4k his Moze was struggling to even reach a four-digit on a crit. Like how can a gun, which base damage is four-digit only deal a three-digit hit upon target dummy and any critter or bandit? Damage over time effects were even in the double digits, where they should have been at least three-, or even four digit. His Iron Bear’s guided missiles hit for like 150 each.

He had another character, a lvl 17 Zane, who had the same issue of dealing substantially less damage than the base damage of his guns either. In fact he dealt less damage than we did at level 3.

I know it sounds crazy, but I have seen it with my own eyes. We tried anything from checking the game settings, changing difficulty, respec based on what people recommended on youtube, uninstalling the save, and reinstalling it form the cloud. We uninstalled the game. Without any effect.

I mean, come on, it can not be normal that for one character weapon damage is reduced like 60%-90%, thus him struggling at killing even normal mobs on mayhem 3. Before the new patch he had no issues at all.

Anyway, thanks if you take note of this.

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This is set not wierd. I play co-op with a few other guys on xbox and since the mayhem 2.0 came online all but one of us does a lot less damage to the point we can’t really do anything.

I can concur, I’ve noticed the same issue. Usually reloading (quit to main menu and continue) helps to resolve it. I’m playing on mayhem 11.

Tonight I’ve decided to take a look at my inventory why I was doing hardly to no damage. I’ve noticed my hellwalker damage to be 4500x10 instead of 26068x10 damage. Same goes for all other guns in my inventory.

Edit: I see this was posted a year ago, but apparently it’s still around.

Edit 2: I’ve just started the game and the damage reduction is active again.

And after quit game and continue:

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I’d guess your issue is caused by the hotfix not being applied at the menu. If you don’t wait for the “hotfixes applied” sign on the menu a lot of changes won’t be active when you launch the game, mainly item buffs. Just wait a little longer until you see it appear behind your character

That seems to have fixed it, thank you sir for the advise.

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