Reduction in Eridium

At level 51 and after buying a couple of annointed guns in Sanctuary. My Eridium level was getting low I went over to the two locations on Carnivora. The old hut used to contain a total of 7 Eridium crystals . For some reason this has been reduced to 3. The other spot on the other side of Carnivora used to have 3 Eridium crystals but now only has 2. I cannot see the logic of doing this. Are Gearbox just trying to limit everybody’s enjoyment of the game? It will now take twice as long to farm these locations which will limit the time battling through missions and side quests. Bad move Gearbox.

Why are farming eridium?
Once you get to mayhem mode you also get drastically increased drop rates for money Eric and loot so its next to useless then. And if you aren’t level 60 yet farming for perfect drops isnt worth it bc they will be left behind once you do.

IIRC some of those eridium spawns are random. That is, they are not guaranteed to appear in the same spot every time and they are not guaranteed to yield the same number of bars.

As the other poster said, just turn on Mayhem once you’ve finished the main story and you’ll get plenty of eridium as you play through stuff.

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Use any melee artifact that adds element to you melee, it will double amount of eridium from piles and crates.

In addition to what others suggested I wouldn’t even bother spending Eridium on items while leveling. It’s a waste IMO because you will just out level the item too quick for the amount of Eridium it costs. It’s also not necessary because you can use blue and purple quality items effectively while leveling.