Redundant Brainstormer 229x14 ASE 100

I had this gun and I switched to a life steal version. Now I can’t find it. Help me. Have lots to trade

Pretty sure I got it on my Amara. Do you have anything interesting to offer ? Will send it regardless dw

What are you looking for? I’m mainly a Fl4k, but I have acquired other interesting things along the way.

Radiation/Corro Dictator with gamma burst, Lump x2 with gamma, a good Last Stand Victory Rush, Queen’s Call radiation gamma burst, and that’s pretty much it :smiley:

Somebody sent me some launchers the other day, I’ll look and see what they are. I’ll let you know what I have

Sure np, let me know. I’ll send the Brainstormer regardless so dw

I have Lumpx2 with Gamma if you are interested. My PSN is njv232

Adding you right now

Brainstormer sent ! :slight_smile: have fun

Hey I was looking for the one with damage that reads 229x14. The one you sent is 188x14

Oh. Didn’t reed that properly, thought you just wanted a x14 with 100ASE. RIP x) it’s okay, keep it.

No problem at all, somebody else sent me the one I was after.