Redundant, but... Why is there no vertical splitscreen on our modern widescreen monitors and TVs?!

It just doesn’t make sense to have H-splitscreen on widescreen TVs!..
I might be able to understand this decision if we were still living in 1995 with 4:3 screens…
But this is 2019 going 2020, where everyone -without exception- is using (at least) 16:9 screens!

I bought BL2 3 times; for my XB360 and PS4Pro (and PC, although this is without the couch-coop ofcourse).
I bought it for my consoles because of the exceptionally well working V-splitscreen mode.
Fun times!

But currently, in this state, it is completely unplayable. Was this feature even seriously tested?!
When playing, we’re looking through a mailbox-slot. The gun-stats and mission texts are unreadable, even on a 55" TV with the font-size set to max (but yeah, fontsize is only applied to the subtitles, it seems).
I have to stand up, go to within 3 feet of my TV to be able to read what is on the screen.
Also, we’re having a hard time seeing what we’re actually shooting at.

Unless this feature isn’t fixed, I’m not even thinking about spending another dime on it (wanted to buy it for PC too, but now, not anytime soon - because I’m feeling completely let down)
I bought it in the first place to play couch-coop… (and because I love the BL-franchise)

Needless to say, it took a lot of fun out of the game and we’re both playing it in single-player mode now…
But yeah … would love to play together with my partner and visiting friends.
As it is now, I’m not even bothering showing it to them (and get them into the game (= more sales)).

Please Gearbox, it’s absolutely a great game, but please, add the V-splitscreen option.
I can even live with the performance issues in the inventory-menus, but H-splitscreen is just horrible & unplayable.

Sorry for this rant, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s missing the fun times while playing splitscreen.


Same boat as you and many others it is absolutely making the game un-enjoyable. there is a whole forum of people with the same issue here -

Unfortunately GBX hasn’t said anything about a fix being in the works. At this point I doubt we will see it until next year since they haven’t even gotten a performance patch out…

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What you say, I’m afraid this is the issue…
But that’s also why I created another topic, just to try getting the issue stand out.

Hopefully they’ll see how important this is for the BL-franchise. Not many games have couch coop which is as fun as BL(1/2/TPS). Especially since this was a much used feature in all previous BL-games and now it suddenly disappeared.
If I had known this before ordering, I would’ve probably wait until a discount appears next year or so.

It really is a big issue; I tried again last night, but it’s just too horrible and painful…
It just isn’t fun when you can’t read and even figure out whats happening on the screen (aside from the menu-lag, which can be countered a tiny bit by communicating a lot with your coop-partner and having preparation-moments or inventory-management-breaks).

Hopefully they are silently working on it (among the other big issues).
But yeah, [insert reality check], a man can dream.