References and Easter Eggs

So I had thought that all of the easter eggs and references from the main game would have been done to death by now, but I noticed one the other day I hadn’t spotted before, and I couldn’t find it in the original master thread so:

One of the lines uttered by scavs while attacking you (and usually just before they die) is:
“And here’s one I prepared earlier…” - referencing Graham Kerr, the “galloping gourmet” and/or pretty much every other celebrity chef ever (and/or Spatula Khan from BL2/TTAoDK).

Anything else get overlooked?

I’m not going to wade through all those pages. Here’s something that I ran across a few times, until it finally clicked. It’s fairly subtle. A random male NPC in Conordia will occasionally say in a mellow way: “Well . . . here we are.” I think this is a reference to Jaws’s only spoken line in Moonraker: “Well . . . here’s to us.”