Reflect and absorb shields prevent damage?

A quick question:
If a shield triggers the reflect property, does that also prevent me from taking damage from the reflected attack? The same question goes for the absorb property, do they work the same way in BL3 as they did in BL2?
Thanks in advance for any answers.

Reflect no, absorb yes.

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Alright i will keep that in mind ty. Iv’e not seen any absorb shields with more than a 15% chance of absorbing ammo though. Seems like absorb shields have been downplayed/nerfed since BL2, where they were the most useful shield type i.m.o.

I have seen a blue shield drop with double absorb for 30% chance… Also the transformer has a 40% absorb chance built into it.

On a related note, there’s also that “returns damage to attacker” shield anointment. While testing to see if it prevents damage taken, I found it doesn’t do anything at all actually. No enemy was ever damaged, neither from gun nor melee attacks. Has anyone else tried this?