Reflux Dropped with No Anointment on Mayhem 10

Topic says it all.
Been farming this for hours and I get no Anointment on Mayhem 10.

Makes me ask if your hotfixes were applied.


A reply I’d expect from internet support.

its probably a bug since he say hes been farming for hours . its impossible that hotfix didnt apply by the time he save quit the second time

I wish it was the 2nd time that dropped.
Farming all day and got 3. Last one with no anointment. Kinda feels like a slap in the face.
I’ll keep farming though. Just wanted to report it. First time since that hotfix a couple weeks ago I seen this issue.

lol Was your XBOX on? :joy: Did you make sure it was plugged in?


The two I got tonight were anointed. Amara Phasecast anoints not what I need for FL4K though …

I had the same issue on ps4 yesterday, I didn’t get a reflux without the anoint but it was other weapons, on more than one occasion, I thought I might have save/quit a bit fast and hotfixes didn’t apply so I made sure every restart I waited a few seconds and I still had the issue of non anoints on MH10, not only that I was farming with Zane and his barrier kept depleting and everything was getting through it, I was down in FFYL more than I was fighting and on the cooldown for barrier it kept freezing on 5 seconds (for about 10 secs) and then jumping to 1 sec cooldown and freezing again, and also the dot damage I was doing was only dotting for 1 damage ( yes 1 damage ) on geneviv and her minions, so yes something very weird is/was going on with that fight, I farmed traunt a few times after it because I was frustrated outta my mind with the geneviv farm and no issue farming him

Edit: the dot damage was not related to modifiers before its suggested, I had no immunity mods