Refuel sunspots or manually heal targets?

Trying to figure out which option is optimal. Refuelling Sunspots with stellar ritual can be great for healing up multiple targets and keeping AOE damage going for a bit longer, but ceremonial sacrifice basically makes her a Miko-like healer. The amount of health that drains from her is tiny so isn’t noticeable unless your in a tough situation but being able to follow a target and heal while doing so seems better than hoping they know where your sunspot is and if it even stays up at that point (randoms obviously)

So, Ambra players/mains, what do you prefer. Manually heal? Or refuel your sunspots?

Stellar Ritual. Stronger aoe, better multi target heal. Her job is not to Miko, her job is to hold down areas, whittle all down in her area, and heal everyone in it. If they need healing, they’ll come to you. And you can keep two alive simultaneously to double damage to enemies. And then the debuff for another 16%


When I’m playing ambra, I’m built more for healing me and not other people. Yeah, she heals but I like to make sure she stays alive long enough to make sure other people are getting the kills with their DPS. With my gear and build, I can pretty much go toe to toe with anyone accept Gallilea. Can’t handle her. I’ve been able to take everyone else.


Agree on Stellar Ritual. Ambra isn’t a caddy healer, she’s a zone queen.

Playing her like Miko is misusing her. Fueling the Sunspots also gives you a very potent out-of-combat heal. Take a brief trip to a safe zone, fuel up, and get back in there. If you’re right near dead it may be better to run to a supply station or teleport to base, but fueling Sunspots is a GREAT way to get a topoff for you and some slightly wounded allies in a short bit of out-of-combat time.


Stellar ritual heals minions. Good for meltdown. Supposedly good for incursion.

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It is good for Incursion. Ritual to knock the enemy around, then use the other ritual to keep yours alive as their minions die. I’ve used her on every map but Echelon since the patch.

I always take the Blood Drive.

Stellar Ritual is really good, but now that we can spam sunspots… i don’t see the point to heal a sunspot when you can just place a new one and dealing damage in the same time.

Ceremonial Sacrifice, if you play with it you are missing something as Ambra is supposed to deal damage and heal passively with her sunspots, if you stay behind your mate like a Miko you will loose so much DPS that it’s not worth.

The problem with theses 2 helix is that you loose so much time to heal your mate/sunspot when you can deal damage and healing at the same time.

With Blood Drive you can stay longer in the action taking the enemy’s aggro while your mate are being heal by your sunspot in the backline.


Manual heal. I mostly play Incursion, because that’s generally all that pops on the pc. If I had a lane to myself in meltdown, I might feel differently. That being said:

The idea that Ambra is territorial and therefore should park somewhere with a sunspot going doesn’t sound like a competitive match. Your team is going to be moving forwards or backwards frequently and the idea that they should come back to your sunspot for healing sounds lazy and ineffective. When someone pushes forward to get a kill that leaves them vulnerable, they need you–their healer–to keep them alive. You keep them alive and get them back to full health as quickly as possible which for me often involves using a sunspot and the direct heal. Not having the manual heal means you have very little in the way of clutch healing to help your team.


It just depend of the situation, if they are really low life they should back a bit to be healed but nothing prevent you to place sunspot near them when they fight. They don’t need to always back to be healed, it would be a waste of time, as you can heal them constantly.

But when Ambra is your healer, you shouldn’t count on her to heal you while you fight like a miko, but to assist you in damage and by dropping a sunspot near you.

As Ambra i’m always in the frontline and i try to always keep a sunspot in the frontline and in the back line


One of the reasons I don’t take ceremonial sacrifice is because it can screw up your staff targeting, your staff will ocasionly attach to the wrong enemy without it but with it can be difficult at times to land your beam on your target.

At level 3 the real competiton is between stellar ritual and blood drive, which are both very good options. I personally prefer stellar ritual because it offers more utility defensively and offensively.


Stellar ritual is far and away the better option, IMO.

Stellar Ritual (healing sunspots) is better for a few reasons:
-sunspots heal allies faster than the beam
-you can sustain that healing for several allies
-you can heal yourself (important when playing against someone who knows to focus the healer)
-you can use it to apply damage and debuffs

If you don’t have the mutation unlocked, take Ceremonial Sacrifice. Blood Drive does almost nothing, so it should only be used in solo pve.

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I go with blood drive. I normally have 2 sunspots floating around at any given time and standing on the frount lines means i need to keep myself from dieing while i keep my heat up (and cooldown low). That said im not an active healer when i use umbra. I usually agressivly hold whatever position on the map i want and have my team mates help me hold the line.

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Solo DPS Ambra: Blood Drive

Team Healer Ambra: Stellar Ritual

Miko: Ceremonial Sacrifice

Seriously, never pick Ceremonial Sacrifice.


Blood Drive or steller ritual is better for sustainment and offense.
Ceremonial Sacrifice is too lame and offers to little to her.

With Steller ritual I can keep up one sun spot as a healing station for a very long time (sun spots don’t stack healing) with maintenance runs to it and heal multiple people and have one Sun spot for offensive use. I can also keep waves up for healing much better with steller ritual so my minions are better off during various parts of their journey. With 3 sun posts I can make 2 healing stations and 1 offense sun spot, with really wide sun spotshelix my debuffs and range of healing are much wider.

With Blood Drive and certain items builds Ambra can make the health return really big potentially but her heal beam’s attack value is pretty meh at best so you need to tack up attach damage, levels and perhaps healing received to make it go far.

Stellar ritual.

The rate of heal is faster than the heal beam anyways and the cooldown is so low you’ll always have one at the ready.

Plus you can heal multiple targets and debuff any enemy nearby.

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I understand your point, and would almost agree, if I didn’t use a max healing and skill damage build to destroy enemy minions and heal friendlies simultaneously. Great for Meltdown

This is why i love ambra: she’s versatile. She’s able to cover her bases when the situation. My personal fave is ceremonial sacrifice because when using it with a sunspot it heals your ally even faster and gets them out back into the fight quickly. I use i people to top off people to keep them in the fight instead of retreating and if they are too low i use it to sustain them (which is kinda her thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) tll they can escape. I like the more reliable healing. Sure, it damages her but it is so MINIMAL a tick of healing from a sunspot or from her staff gets it back. Slap some heal power (strong recommendation) on her and watch her go.

Stellar Ritual is awesome! your able to make a healing station for your allies and and heal multiple at once. Sometimes i have to play defensively and if anyone tries to disrupt my healing theyll take damage ampification then their fate is sealed. its a lot less risky than CR but gives more solid heals to multiple people at a slower rate. you like to play it safe? this choice is for you.

I rarely use blood drive but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t has it uses (i prefer the other 2 cuz i feel like it benefits the team more.) but i when I spec Ambra for dps (usually on capture) i use it keep myself up and gang up on and enemy and lock on to them (again sustainment)

It’s interesting how a single choice can impact her play style (also her level 7 helix).A good team comp and communication can make each choice shine and benefit. Try them out and you may seem surprised by what it can offer. Whatever you do hunty,