Refund for boarderlands

How do I get a refund this game is so stupid now nothing how it was advertised at the start worst boarderlands yet and I still play bl1 I payed too much for this game and it just keeps getting worse every week

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Look for the refund policy at your store.

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I would love a refund at this point however because I pre-ordered and tried to tough it through a few hours game play (level 8ish just about to leave pandora if my guess is right) There is no way anyone is going to give me a refund. Which is crap cause I tried to enjoy it, like I said we toughed it out standing feet from our TV rather than at an enjoyable range trying to get used to the horizontal but we had to stop and haven’t picked it up since. The fact I paid full price for a broken game we can’t play and then get no response from support is frustrating.

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Same boat I preordered deluxe and now probly stuck with it cause gearbox is a stupid company that ruined an awesome game I would say worse but it would be censored

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While there are no guarantees, Microsoft has been very good about hearing extenuating circumstances in regards to solutions beyond their refund policy.

While each situation is handled on a case by case basis, I had a tremendous amount of success in obtaining at least a partial refund when Marvel Heroes Omega was suddenly abandoned due to licensing issues. They went above and beyond to refund a good portion of my in game purchases, which were then immediately used to make more purchases of different games.

It is worth a shot, and if it happens enough with success it may actually lead to GBX acknowledging there is an issue. I plan on chatting with them this weekend if there is no official update to the crash / shutdown problems.

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They know that issues exist, they acknowledge critique and listen to quality of life improvements…they are committed to fix problems and try to improve the experience.
Maybe, someday, you will enjoy the game.

Personally, i think people exaggerate like crazy. BL3 is amazing to me so i am waiting for more content and i am glad that they fix issues and listen to the community.

I have to disagree with you here. In the case of this issue, it is occurring at unacceptably high rates when playing in groups. There is absolutely zero mention of in an official capacity on these forums, and zero acknowledgement of this issue in any patch notes or updates.

All news articles about this are nearly a month old, and actually do not have any direct quotes from Gearbox, only mentioning the vague PSA released shortly after release that stated they were working on early bug fixes.

This issue, only receives acknowledgement from Gearbox when emailing support directly, and even then the responses have been massively inconsistent from blaming consoles, to acknowledging the issue but having no update to provide about it.

This issue is huge for Xbox 1 X users that play multiplayer online, that is simply the case.

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