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Hey, so first i’d just like to point out that there is a refund option on your purchases through marketplace. with the summer skins bundle, those that purchased some of these can refund your purchase(up to 3 times) and put the credit towards unlocking all the skins(assuming the bundle is discounted).
But this post actually concerns my very first marketplace purchase, the Season Pass. I’ve thought about scrolling all the way through pack and platinum purchases to refund this buy. With the third hero on the horizon, there still is no indication of a new mission. Even if it is the surprise for next week’s stream, is it too late? At this rate the new missions are either going to be staggered too far beyond my interest in the game(unlocked all achievements and mastered all heroes i enjoy), or released in pairs(better, sooner, but a bad sign for future content). Especially with recent changes to character XP-and the link between credits and levelling-saving 47k for new hero, in hindsight, seems like a better option.
And the future of BB, which i wouldn’t bet on their being. Are future characters going to be sold like skins? Or hidden behind paywalls of “New Missions” again? Because if they have any resemblance to the debauchery that which is/was DLC 1, I want out now.
I’ve had my fun with Battleborn. But the gameplay elements to set it apart-that made it unique-have lost their shimmer, leaving only feelings of being scammed by my faith in you.

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From the DLC Plan Update 1 on the official Battleborn website:

  • DLC 1 Story Operation “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” coming late Summer
  • Heroes 28 – 30 early access, each with a hero key, coming mid-Summer through the Fall
  • DLC 2 Story Operation around late Summer
  • DLC 3 Story Operation coming early Fall
  • DLC 4 Story Operation coming late Fall
  • DLC 5 Story Operation coming this Winter

I’m not sure which calander Gearbox is using, but regardless of that it appears that the first Story Operations are coming very soon. I would hold off just a little bit longer before refunding your Season Pass.

As far as new characters, those will continue to be given to the playerbase for free. You will not have to purchase them with Platinum like the Marketplace skins and taunts. What the Season Pass gives you as it relates to the characters is a key that allows you to unlock the character without the in-game credits cost and a week early.

Those without the Season Pass still get the character for free (no real world currency spent here) though they will still have to unlock the character with in-game credits. I think the developers wanted people to work towards unlocking the characters like the others that came with the game, but rather than using Chellenges or Command Rank they decided on Credits as a means of unlocking.

At any rate whatever you do is up to you. It’s not my decision to make. I can simply provide more information to help you make a better decision but whether you understand it or even read it is also out of my hands. All I can do is decide what to do for myself. I’m going to continue sticking with the game and with the developers. They haven’t done anything to make me lose any trust in them.


Hero keys, unspecified skins (cybers and golds, presumably), and new story missions are the only thing promised in the season pass. They said that all maps, modes, and characters were going to be added for free. They said that. Not just limited to this season pass. Read the stuff before making accusations, please. And even then, just ask for clarification.

hey so good advice above! im having a blast with dlc1, unlocking skins, and playing face off. excited for what’s next…