Refund, please?

I already tried to refund BL3 on steam but as I had several hundred hours of time played before release of Mayhem 2.0 it was denied. Is there any chance to get a refund from 2K/GBX directly? From the current state of the USA there will be plenty of reasons to meddle in politics in the coming months and I have no plan in being on the receiving end of some PR move next time.

If you exceeded the limits on steam (as you said you did) probably not as the refund would have to go through them.

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Thank you for your fast reply. I know that the EULA does not require GBX to fix bugs, but sadly I did not read them before purchase. I will not make the mistake buying from GBX if it is not at least 90% off and the last patch out the next time. The topic can be marked as solved.

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Closed as question answered.