Refund Request Submitted for Xbox 1X Version of BL3

Just in case anyone was sick of searching here daily with the hope that Gearbox might issue a response or acknowledgement of the 1X shutdown problem, I decided I am going to try and return the game and get refunded via Xbox Support.

Anyone else that is also sick of this sham is encouraged to submit a refund request on Xbox Support.
It is borderline fraud in what they have sold Xbox 1X customers, and I would rather attempt to return the broken title and be refunded.



Good luck. I have tried twice and Microsoft will not refund.


That’s a bummer, vuck gearbox

It’s just another day playing borderlands… If it was an easy fix, I think it would have been done by now, but it’s hardcoded somewhere in the game’s files and I think it’s going to take more than a simple patch to fix. I notice it happens when I connect to other people. Now if you play with randoms it’s going to happen a lot. If you play with friends, have them reboot their xboxes and/or force close BL3 and open it fresh. With the 2-3 guys I play with daily this seems to work for us.

OR you always be the host. The host never seems to crash, its the clients connecting to the host.

It’s not just multiplayer. The Xbox shutting down also happens in single player and it happens when offline or online.

Just saw this article, it’s from Australia but still thought it was worth sharing

I was just informed by MS that my refund request was denied.

By no means am I giving up, I will now just reply to escalate the request to another department, and will be cc’ing media outlets, bbb, and the CPB.

I still don’t expect much to come of it, at this point I just want it on every partner’s radar how shady this company is.