Refunded, Want to play the game

Anybody here have any experience with refunds on the Xbox One. I could not get this game to play. Everything else works and I even tried uninstalling and downloading again. I did a hard reset and never use instant on and every trouble shooting thing they advise. So I got a refund. I was debating trying a physical copy to install and then getting another digital buy somewhere.

The issue is that the console shows I own the game. And I have heard that this can stay that way for a long time. I have even read that a year later these things can still show purchased. What I do not want is to get banned for playing a refunded game. So I was wondering if anyone here has had to refund a game before with MS? And if you have had to refund, did you ever try a physical copy or another digital code later? Would hate to have the game read like I am playing from the refunded code and get a ban or something.

You make no mention of doing a factory reset (saving games and apps). Have you looked in the XB1 support forum?

Did you license transfer with some-one? In that case there’s your problem.

Yeah, I did look at the support forum. The support agent basically asked everything that I tried and I told them what I did. They could not think of anything else to try and it was odd. I cannot rule out the game being effected by some download issue with my internet but everything is testing fine.

The thing I was thinking of was to get the physical copy I purchased for an in-law and installing. My try playing from that. If it works then I could buy a digital code and give the game back to them. But, I have never tried using a new code on a refunded game or even a physical copy. Would hate for the game to keep reading the same refunded digital copy and cause an issue. Never really thought to ask support when I talked with them and thought I might check if others had ever had a situation like this with a game. Going to have to chat with support again.

No license transfer. But with your comment I have to wonder about the license. I have never had an issue but I have 3 consoles. I game on all 3 but mostly use the one in the bedroom which is the one I downloaded the game to. The one in the living room is the home console so maybe that is the issue. Honestly never had that issue but thinking about it I guess that might be something to check.

Have to figure out if buying a new code will override the refunded copy since the refunded one still says I own it. I have read it can stay like that for a long while.

The refunded one doesn’t work?

And the game isn’t on your hard drive? A physical copy should work fine.

You shouldn’t worry about bans because you’ve done nothing wrong and that’s simply not how things work.

That’s not how any of it works.

In my experience is up to Ms to remove the license so you shouldn’t have any problem if they haven’t done their work. I was able to play quantum break for around a month before they took out the license of the game.

If you feel better just try support chat and take screenshot of the conversation or you can always stop playing the game you refund if that makes you feel safer