Regarding Availability of Meltdown

I remember in the wee days of Battleborn, when it was in alpha and I played Mellka for three days straight because she had invisibility, and the only map was Meltdown Paradise, and I had a blast playing the game. The brief period during which we were allowed to play ended and I eagerly awaited the release of Battleborn.

When the game did release, I immediately downloaded it and hopped on to unlock all the characters that I could and quickly hop back into the versus mode that I’d been missing the past few months. Of course, I played through most of the story and tried a few games of the other vs modes, but Meltdown was unarguably still my favorite. Over time I learned how to effectively play Toby and Cald, two rarely seen characters, with Paradise-specific strategies. It was a bummer that sometimes Coldsnap was picked with its dreary gray/purple color scheme, few sightlines, and plethoras of roofs and arches, but at least I was still playing Meltdown and got to play Paradise most of the time.

I eventually took a long break from the game when League of Legends began to interest me again. Now that that game is in a less than great spot, I come back to Battleborn eager to play some more Meltdown to find out that it’s… gone? No big deal, thought I, seeing the vs draft mode with a separate Incursion draft right under it, that’s probably for Meltdown with some Capture thrown in. So I queue up, wait to find enough people, and lo and behold! Two incursion maps (for which there already exists a separate queue) and Coldsnap greet me. Naturally, Incursion gets chosen and I play through the game, wallowing in the fact that I didn’t even have the option of playing the map I took so long to learn and enjoy.

Now I realize that I might fall into queue with some likeminded people, and the dice might land on Paradise once in a while, but c’mon. Why do Incursion players get to play their favorite mode guaranteed, while I’m punished as a Meltdown player by this mixed queue?

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Ok, once upon a time Battleborn had a player base. Not anymore. You see, whenever a ‘fun’ mode comes for a week, like Chaos rumble, or Bird hunt, we lose quick play, the one with Meltdown and capture, but Prominatly Meltdown. One week from now you will expirence the “new and improved” meltdown, and hopefully they (gbx) can fix it up.

TL;DR wait a week, let quick match come back, then play Meltdown Finale.


Chaos Rumble has replaced a queue known as Quick Match until this Thursday. Quick Match is what you’d be in. I believe there is always an option to play Meltdown with Paradise being quite common.

Back in beta, incursion was the first in the list. More people went there due to human nature. So more people went there for faster matches. A vicious cycle ensued resulting in the Meltdown queue becoming rather dreary. After it got absorbed, more people played it. So, it was to help

I am also a Meltdown aficionado, but I’ve come to the firm conclusion that Coldsnap is a fantastic map, whereas I would not shed a single tear if Paradise was removed from rotation altogether. :stuck_out_tongue:

Incursion is the signature mode of this game for some reason. The real issue right now is that Meltdown we knew it no longer exists, thanks to the introduction of Meltdown Finale.


I really don’t understand why some people dislike Paradise… it is one of the best maps I have played in any shooter game ever. The only reason I can see might be Benedict or ISIC cheese up on the ledges, or Toby/Marquis camping at various points, but those are all easily(ish) counterable so long as you have a gun character of your own or outright bannable now. (I always vote to ban Bene on paradise).

Single supply, wide open middle, lazy base defense turrets. It’s a spawn camper’s paradise.

And personal taste, too. I like enclosed spaces and tight tunnels (ironic for a Mellka main, right?)

I love Paradise partially because I’ve spent so much time on it compared to anything else and I don’t want to spend that time relearning anything else when I can just play Paradise, partially because it caters well to Toby, Cald, and WF, and partially because I just love nature maps with a cool color color scheme in general.

I mean this politely, but what’s to stop Incursion players making the same argument about their preferred mode always taking priority over Meltdown? Because that is an actual argument I’ve heard in favor of Incursion being the signature mode (“I’ve just played so much Incursion, I don’t want to have to figure out Meltdown.”)

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But meltdown (edit: Paradise) does have a tight, close range lane and a wider, more open one… (as does Coldsnap and Outskirts, admittedly). Spawn camping happens just as much on the other two maps in my experience… Maybe if not outright spawn camping, then for sure effective control of the entire map such that it’s basically impossible to kill minions. I got spawn camped on Coldsnap a few days ago. I do agree though that the turrets on Paradise could be better positioned/more aggressive.

Because I’m not asking for Meltdown to have priority, I’m just asking for a queue where I don’t have to gamble between getting game modes while Incursion is in every queue.


Fair enough! So you’re okay with Meltdown having an even split between Coldsnap, Paradise, and Outskirts, I assume. I kinda mistook you as arguing not just for Meltdown but also specifically for Paradise.

Truth is, Incursion players who love Echelon still rarely get to see that map either, even now. It’s always voted down.

It does, but as Mell I can still easily lunge out of it at any time, and be in the opposing lane in seconds. In Outskirts and Coldsnap, I feel much more like the lanes are isolated - and while that means Paradise is a powerful map for me, I like the threat of being enclosed and killed. Keeps me on my toes.

That’s exactly what I love about Paradise. You can solo carry a game by switching lanes. If I wanted to fight in/feel confined to one lane then I would enjoy incursion lol. On reflection this is probably what I dislike the most about Coldsnap… you feel super restricted to whatever lane you’re on.

< /personal preference>

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I blame players like myself for there being special favor going towards incursion. I almost exclusively play incursion, I literally have over twice as many wins on incursion as I do with all other modes combined. Incursion is addicting, it’s always a blast and it seems like the best battleborn players are usually in incursion so it always makes for a fun challenge.


This is such a beautiful post I think I’m about to get choked up and cry.

But since I’m at work I have to control myself and maintain a calm facade.

You could say I’m stuck at a choke point.


Ha! I see what you did there. Lol


That’s the only reason I liked paradise. Wide open spaces let me mess around and get all the shards for my high cost builds. Then I hit the aggressive Mell style and started to love Coldsnap. Especially by the enemy base.

Your base?

My base

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Outskirts is the absolute worst for feeling isolated from the other lane. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been crushing it in my lane and then look up at the score and wonder why we’re losing lol

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I mainly play incursion but I also really enjoyED meltdown , the other 2 game modes could be removed from this game and I’d Prolly not even notice, but this meltdown finale is pushing it into the same category as those other 2 for me the only thing I like about this version of meltdown right now is that if they offer me monuments and echelon it’s only a quick (usually very quick) game of meltdown away from overgrowth.