Regarding Badasses

They seriously need to be nerfed like different loadout when they Spawn. With their Non-stop firing Pinpoint Accuracy Launcher that even Leads to being completely Blind with the damn Effects absolutely unable to kill them as one is actually shooting at nothing cause they already ran Away. About 3 - 4 can be controlled but when there are more than 6 shooting one after another then these Hardened Tink Tank just giving me the rest with their Insane Dynamite isn’t fun at ALL. I don’t mind fighting with a couple Anointed at once but Badasses ? - Hell not until they have been reworked / changed or whatsoever. Played on Mayhem 3 Slaughter Shaft just in case someone’s gonna ask

I just wish they wouldn’t spawn so often, particularly when I’m soloing on Normal. I end up in way too many fights with multiple badasses and heavies getting curb stomped around the area and I’m only like level 14. It’s painfully tedious.

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The funny thing about the bad ass zealots is that I will make a point to freeze them and they will STILL shoot rockets. I thought I was crazy at first and it was just a shot or two that carried over. But nah, muzzle flash from the launchers were still going off as they were frozen. Just amazing honestly.


They need to get a actual Loadout so they have a Chance to Spawn with different Weapons, Launchers only is killing my Motivation to keep play this Game.

For real though man, just kind of feels like some low effort enemy kits on the cov side. “■■■■ it, give them rocket launcher spam with no real counter. Also crank them particle effects up.” is what it really feels like at times. The maliwan enemies are so good that I don’t understand why they back pedaled so hard on the cov.

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