Regarding Battleborn's Extra Content

So, we’ve just had Montana and the Demon Bear released. Beatrix is well settled in, meaning the end of the new characters, Supercharged mode is probably coming soon-ish, and we’ve just got Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar to go before all the confirmed post-release content is done.

So, Gearbox - is there any chance you guys would consider releasing mod tools for Battleborn? As you can see from the Homeworld community, it would mean that players would be able to retain interest in the game with fan-made maps, modes, characters etc. It’s a huge shot in the dark, I know, but some games (such as TESV: Skyrim) do very well off their modding community continuing to promote interest in a fairly old game. I myself have spent a huge amount of time playing modded games like this, long past the point where the vanilla game would have become boring.

I don’t know what you guys have planned for the future of Battleborn, but if this is the end of the official extra content then I implore you to consider making Battleborn mod capable and releasing a creation kit.


As much as I would love a modding community behind BattleBorn, I don’t see this happening.

Mainly because this was intended to be a long-running MOBA (ish) game. Ala, LOL, SMITE, and the like. Those games do not allow (sanctioned) modded content either.

Skyrim as an example doesn’t work since it’s a single-player game; there’s a different mindset behind it.

As for continued support from Gearbox themselves?

Yes please. I hope this game can see new light similar to how Destiny did.

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Don’t forget “offline play”!

I want that more than ANYTHING…

Then Battleborn can live forever.

They could still release a ugc kit though, so we could essentially make our own ops missions.

pvp maps/modes too, which would have their own queue.

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