Regarding Borderlands 3

just wanted to put a few points across and see what people have to say about them. im aware some of these points may have been repeated in other threads if so i apologize.

  1. do you think a new engine will be developed for Borderlands 3 ?
  2. would you like to see changes to the loot and BAR systems if so what are they ?
  3. what would you like to see return from bl1 and bl2 ( weapons, features, skills etc ) ?
  4. what do you think of the idea of BL3 being an MMO ( i do not like this idea but it has been rumoured ) ?
  5. i would like to see an end to the recycling of legendaries, pears and unique what are your thoughts on this ?
  6. do you have any interesting ideas regarding the setting of the third instalment ?
  7. how do you think the plot of the first games will be expanded in BL3 ?
  8. in what ways would you improve the character customization in borderlands 3 ?
  9. in what ways would you improve the character skills and speccing process
  10. any other points you wish to discuss feel free to bring them up and ill be sure to reply

thank you for your time and cant wait to see what you come up with

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One thing I hope that will never happen is a crafting system. That removes the “loot” frm “shoot 'n loot”.
What I do want is S&S back in full glory.

Returning legendaries are fine, Jakobs wouldn’t be the same without the Skully or Striker for instance.


i agree completely with both points in bl1 S&S were my favourite manufacture and yes a crafting system would nullify the point of farming which is a big part of the borderlands experience. also micro-transactions would be awful for anything not cosmetic.


Ditto, I have their slogan as usertitle for a reason!


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would you like to see the borderlands 1 loot system return for the next instalment ?

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If they take BL2’s loot-system and make magazines not part of the body I would be happy.
BL1 lacks a proper visual diffirent between manufacturers, but BL2 is kinda lacking in depth when it comes to the loot.


whilst i agree with you about the visual depth of the guns in bl1 i think that could be attributed to its less complex graphical style. i dont care for the bl2 and tps loot system because of all the manufacture gimmicks like tediore reload and torgue explosives, bl1 worked much better with the fact that each gun could contain hidden stats and you could find alot more guns of actual good use. also beyond very rare guns like the ajax ogre ( which i recently had drop :DDD ) legendaries could be found anywhere at a higher drop chance which made the playthroughs much more interesting and varied

I liked the gimmicks in the bl2 loot system, but I think that they should be accessories that have the chance to spawn instead of being a constant. I think it would have added a bit more variety. I would like to see at least 2 new manufacturers added to the existing. I would like to see rarity determined by the sum of its parts like Bl1 had. That’s about it.

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Played bl1 not extensively but to the point where I had 3 toons through 1 playthrough each (roland,mordecai, and Lilith) didn’t get into legs and pearls only played through one dlc(zombie). But after playing bl2 and tps understood that magazines need to be seperate. I’m okay with the weapon gimmicks, a lot of people complain about the writing in bl2, but Imo it was amazing. At rare times humor seemed forced in bl2,tps gameplay was good but humor was forced most of the time. Also tps had so many recycled legs I felt like a copy and paste from bl2.

With that being said
-bl1 keep loot system
-bl2 keep loot system and writing
-tps keep slams and jumping with no low gravity

I feel like if all three games were mixed into one it would be “the big one” as gearbox calls it.

i couldnt agree more with your view on the humor in bl2 and tps it was definitely quantity over quality but there were a few humorous moments. hopefully there is no claptrap in the next one as his humour becomes painful to the ears after a few PT’s. also hated the low gravity of tps it made the game move at snails pace and made it hard to replay for harder playthroughs. i really feel i must recomend you go back and do a full completionists run of bl1 it is such an amazing game and only gets better as the playthroughs go on. plus you havent even been in knoxx’s armory or killed craw yet and i think youd love it

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Flak bandit and scav s&s was awesome atlas needs to be brought back too why they ever did away with those we will never know. The stupid story about bandits running them out of business?! How did bandits living in makeshift cities run a big corporation out of business? It would’ve been more believable to have crimson raiders as a weapons manufacturer, and without the dumb only positive gimmick of bandits, larger magazines. GTFOH bandits and scavs.


another strange anomaly in the lore of the borderlands universe we must learn to accept them and hope that gearbox hear our cries haha

I feel the perfect borderlands 3 would have this:

Borderlands 1’s loot system for regular enemies, if they are using a legendary it’s only fair they drop it,
though having it be a rare occurrence would be fine. Bosses, mini bosses and special enemies should still have specific legendary gear though.

Borderlands 2’s crazy amount of content because it had loads.

Borderlands the pre-sequel’s balancing. nothing seemed absolutely unforgiving if you were a solo only player, (even the raid boss could be beaten if you were on your toes and didn’t let up.)
They also gave a point to using elemental resistant shields.

I don’t know how but TPS’s low gravity has to come back in some shape too, maybe underwater segments could be an alternative to no atmosphere?

P.S gearbox, please don’t dangle amazing gear in front of us and then nerf it hardcore, especially if it’s legendary gear, those should have the MOST intensive testing out of everything, that way we won’t have a repeat of the Bee and the Shooting star shields.


thank you for your reply, i think the implementation of alternatiing between normal and low gravity atmospheres might set a nice pace to a borderlands game, although itd have to be mainly normal gravity. and i agree that the balancing in the presequel seemed nice, a major pro in favor of the game itself plus it had the best dlc ive ever player.

How do you feel they could improve character customization ?

i feel like they could re-introduce a few community loved gems but not bring back the items that always end up BiS like the sham or harold of conference call. ALSO WE NEED MASHERS AND ANARCHY’S BACK


I dont liek the Harold and Norfleet, so they can dissapear from the game for all I care.

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I could write pages about this topic, but I’ll just say this. You are very wrong in this regard, low gravity was one of the few saving graces of TPS. It made map traversal very fast between the double jump, jump pads, and general ability to jump over terrain you would normally need to walk around.

And of course it all links together, but it made the game more fast pace and easier in a good way. All characters could now stun enemies from level ~5. The faster you are moving on all 3 planes the harder it is for projectiles to hit you. You can now jump away from melee attackers or grenades, no more getting caught in corners or on terrain. (In case this is what you meant by harder, but I’d guess otherwise.)

And there is a lot more as to how the low gravity it awesome, I just touched on the points you brought up. If you think because they had to fix the enemies’ AI to not glitch out when you jump made the game harder in UVHM then I don’t know what to say. If you’re using the Holodome as for why this game is slow paced then yes not only is it pretty garbage for it’s price tag comparatively, but it was also really poorly designed. But just think of it this way… what if you had to play the Holodome on normal G and no jump pads? Zero G didn’t make this game slow by a long shot, poor level design and a dialog filled story line made this game slow.

If they don’t return zero G in some fashion in the next Borderlands I will be veeery disappointed. (They can get rid of vacuum levels though. In fact I prefer if they did.)


I see now that I came on “a little” strong, but oh well.

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I had the same thoughts on low gravity, it made the game fun, adding a whole new mechanic like that. The lack of enemies and level design on most maps made it boring though. I’m one of the few that liked the holodome though. With a few tweaks it would have been perfect, digistructed environments for one would have been a great addition, I thought it was worth the price tag though. I did not like the oz kits that gave you different buffs depending on vaccuum/atmosphere though. But oz kits in general were better than relics as far as variety though. So many different and useful combos.

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I could see the Gearbox System from Battleborn being Used in BL3. But now you can Place them into your weapons. The higher the rarity, the more Slots you have. That would Pretty much kill Farming for Quest items. Which is imo good.