Regarding borrowed time and cool down

Hello fellow operators with time on your hands,

so i have noticed that my clone comes back in 5 seconds if i max out borrowed time and deploy drone and clone at the same time thus doubling it’s bonus to 30% up time (borrowed time).

what i do not understand is why would that have any effect to action skill cool down. once it is up it’s up and cool down starts, now no way in hell i have enough cool down to bring 28 seconds to 5, that is not possible. this happens without CCC shenanigans. what could be the trick here? does any up time that is on top of base up time for the skill ( that you get with borrowed time and good misfortune) have the AC on cool down, while it is up? i are big confusey ma fren.

tl’dr action skills come back very fast if you are runing maxed out borrowed time. regardless your cooldown spec and with no ccc. why?

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Do you have topped off guardian skill by any chance? I read it’s overperforming.
Or if not, do you have boom enhance?

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i do have it topped off indeed. i did not ever expect it to be that quick. it effortlessly allows you to spam action skills without investing into brainfreeze and CCC, that is hella overperformance.


that makes a lot of sense as mine is about 8 seconds with no points spent in a cooldown ability.

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I don’t have any concrete data on this, but anecdotally, I’ve noticed a fair bit of weirdness with Zane’s Cooldown times.

I did read somewhere here that there’s a bug, where respec’ing out of Adrenaline seems to hold the effects over the rest of your playthrough. Can’t confirm that one myself however.

As far as my anecdotal experiences go, I was doing a fair bit of Cooldown testing.

Intermittently, and even before getting Topped Off, I found that my Cooldown timed a lot faster than expected, seemingly irrespective of gear or skill points allocated at the time. I did try to reproduce this on more than one occasion, but couldn’t do so reliably.

At any rate, whenever it arose, it would always go back to more expected cooldown times on exiting and re-entering the game.

Wish I could tell you more here, or had some. Reliable data to back this up, but sadly I don’t.

I read about it too, but it was a theory. I have read from super short cooldowns on other characters as well, so is assume it’s topped offs fault or maybe a fault in cooldown calculation as a whole.

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This makes a lot of sense as far as the source of the anomolie.

The thought I had at the time, was that the issue could be related to Cooldown stacking across different sources, but again, I don’t have any hard evidence for this I’m afraid.

Borderlands always handled cooldowns in a wierd way. For example, every game uses a simple formula for cooldown reduction: the entire cooldown is 100% so 50% CDR would mean half the time and 100% would mean 0 cooldown.
Meanwhile borderalnds uses cooldown rate. Its like a skill that the higher it is the faster the skill is refreshing. 50% doesnt mean half the time, it means you are getting the skill back 50% faster.
It’s always been kind of wierd

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I’ve also noticed that cooldowns are totally different for me while running around in Sanctuary. Sometimes 3 seconds in Sanctuary and 5-10 seconds in other areas.

for me clone comes back consistently 6-7 second range after full up time from base+borrowed time, good misfortune does not effect it.

Well yeah it’s weird but it’s technically just a simple way to include diminishing returns and eliminates the need of a hard cap