Regarding desiring specific variants of quest rewards, a question

Say I need/want a specific weapon variant (i.e. corrosive, shock, etc.) from a specific weapon and that weapon is a quest reward. What do I do if I finish the quest and, upon turning it in, get a different variant from the one I desired?

Is there any way to circumvent this or am I bound to trading/duping? Playing on the PS4, not sure if it matters.

PS.: Sorry for such a noobish question, but this is my first time hitting UVHM content and I don’t want to have to trade/dupe for my first guide-following build. Thanks for the help!

Yes. Dont accept the item instead quit the game.

Force-quitting? I’ve tested it out in other quests, if I’m on the reward-receival screen and press Options (to save/quit) it’ll pick the reward up. I should save prior and force-quit, that it?

What he meant was when you see the card of the weapon you’re about to receive and its not what you want, just dashboard out right away w/o accepting (in ps3 by holding the ps button down and choosing quit game) or in your words force quit. Then start the game again and you’ll most likely end up in the same spot or close to where you’re about to turn in the mission. Try to turn it in again, and rinse and repeat til you get what you want.

That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!

Good luck getting your Slag Evisceration Rubi, Casual Swordsplosion, Shock Flying Sandhawk, and/or Barrel 3 Redundant Fibber.