Regarding Gali nerfs- one thing that may have been overlooked but also needs fixing

I’ll explain with an example: You’re cowering on the stairs on Overgrowth on your side of the map- you peek to damage/kill that pesky lightning turret, suddenly you get flinged out of the stairs and pulled right by the lightning turret nearer the enemies side of the map, you run towards your base-get silenced and then stunned and die.

What I’m saying is- make Galileas pull work on a “flat” surface,because it looks to me like it’s acting like an AoE bubble that can pull you from above. I get that it’s a big hindrance vs flying,double jumping characters, but as long as the character that is above her “pull” has his feet on the ground he should not be pulled OR pulled INTO the field rather than flinged behind it.

just wanted to get that off my chest.

I played against a Gali who did that exclusively. Sit below the nest, pull when someone peeks over the top. Bullsh*t tactic. We just flanked tunnel and crushed her. Again. And again. And again and again and again. Luckily that particular player sucked lol.

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Yeah im hoping that gets fixed too. Maybe just remove the pull entirely, give it one of those generic -20% cooldown things instead. AoE pull is too powerful on anything but an Ultimate.

I will say there is such a thing as pulling too much, one time as an orendi player I watched as Gali pulled all the minions, players and thrall to her. Never before have I seen so many numbers as when I dropped that shadow fire pillar on her head.

I agree with this - pull is to strong. I got pulled through a rock wall once, hit the wall so I just ran away but yeah - no fun.

I would’ve loved that as Thorn! Volley, Blight, ult, BOOM everybody dead xD
Actually Thorn’s a good counter to Gali, one of the few. Slowing Blight does a number on her, then you just flank, Volley, and shoot arrows at her head 'til the b*tch is dead. But if she has lasers you better get shield pen…

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true.Funny thing is Kleeses “pull” on black hole has NOTHING on Galileas.

I don’t mind it, i mean it has limited range unless she gets 50% bigger later, and all you have to do is not be right on the edge on the ledge move a few spaces back and your fine. Also, if gal is under your ledge you can shoot her if you move to the edge on the futher side(hard to explain) but i mean its a mechanic, sure on Gal its op because she has the other types of CC but if there wasnt any cc type things god it would be dull, just dont stand right on the edge

And in other forums people are complaining Marquis can use the stairs to hit sentry without harm… also ive found the pull dosnt work unless the player is right near the edge, if they stand back near that panneled wall the pull shouldnt work.

I was aware of the pull so when I had Gali somewhere near the ledge I always pushed my back into the paneled wall-didn’t help.

That’s weird, ive played gal a bit and found if they moved back it didn’t work, usually use it to get marquis away from the darn ledge

I suppose it depends on how close to the ledge Gali is. Maybe if she’s touching the wall?

Oh it works, and if you’re that far back it slingshots you deep behind enemy lines.

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The pulls happens, and sometimes I jump anticipating it when a Gali is chasing me down. She can’t hit me if I am flung across the map.

This effect is fun with Shayne’s ult at 10, as well.