Regarding Iron Bear and "While Action Skill is active"

Is this working as intended?

I found this launcher just now with that effect and tested it. While Moze is inside Iron Bear, the novas trigger. But if Moze exits Iron Bear, even if Iron Bear stays in the field due to other abilities/effects, the novas don’t trigger anymore.

Shouldn’t Moze continue to trigger the novas as long as Iron Bear is in the field?

Nah, Auto Bear doesn’t appear to count as the live action skill. There are some anointments specifically for Auto Bear though.

You should pair that launcher with an Ember’s Blaze while meching around. :+1:

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I believe the reason is the “while AS active 150 granade damage” this would be a massive buff for mind sweeper mod. So far I know the new skill tree will include an activated IB and this can go reaaaally wrong. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Tested on sanctuary dummy with explosive minigun. All equipment save grenade held constant. Grenade Damage/FitSD damage recorded with photo mode when a Mindsweeper grenade proc’d:

  • No grenade equipped (control): 601K/173K
  • 150% ASA grenade equipped: 601K/173K
  • 25% grenade throw equipped (my Moze default): 613K/176K

My results have convinced me that ASA grenade does not boost Iron Bear, but the grenade proc will trigger the grenade throw boost though!