Regarding Loot Midgets and the Vanilla PS3 game

So I haven’t played any of the BL games in several years now. I recently borrowed a friends PS3 and picked up a used vanilla copy of both BL1 and BL2. I’m not connecting to the internet or anything, so I’m playing BL2 on PS3 exactly the way it hit the shelves on day 1.

From past experience I always thought the midgets spawed in the Preserve even on the base game, but apparently this isn’t true, or I’m doing something wrong. I’d like to think I’m doing it right since I had a shameful amount of hours invested into farming this stuff between 2012-14.

I apologize if this is the millionth thread on this but I can’t find any info regarding this specific situation.

Completely base game. No updates, no DLC, nada. PS3. I have Doctor’s Orders active.

Can anyone explain why the midgets do not spawn? This is also on the Normal playthrough. Lvl 20.

Any knowledgeable help would be appreciated.

Did you pick up any of the ECHOs related to the Doctor’s Orders mission? The more ECHOs you pick up, the less midgets you get. You actually don’t need Doctor’s Orders to be active, you just need to accept the mission and leave the ECHOs alone.

I picked up the first one, in the little building between the shipping dock and where Timon and Pumbaa spawn. The first recorder. I know on the 360 version this used to eliminate one of the midgets from the four boxes, but if that’s the case I should still be getting at least three. But I get none. It’s weird, like I said I did this SO many times back in the day. It was on 360 but it should still work just the same on PS3. That’s why I was wondering if this being the straight vanilla game had something to do with it.

That is correct as far as I know. I always end up picking up the one inside one of the boxes and I still get three midgets, but I’m on the 360 and always played the GOTY Edition with all the DLC included. I just thought of asking about the ECHOs cause you didn’t mention that particular bit in your post. I don’t know what could be the issue here. Maybe someone else on the PS3 could clarify if it’s a console or a DLC thing or maybe something else. I honestly never heard anything about the midgets being linked to any of the DLC.

All the more curious it makes me lol. I doubt they’re tired to DLC as well. At this point the only things I can think of are they were tied to an early (very early) update, or there’s some sort of random mission requirement that I’m missing, or something going on in the game preventing them from spawning like, say too many enemies spawned at once… I dunno, honestly have no idea. And I thought I knew the game well. Lol.

Sorry to inform you but if you have an original copy (not GOTY) and haven’t updated the game AT ALL, you won’t get legendaries from loot midgets, it was a feature added in a later patch when UVHM was released.

I FIGURED it was something like that. Guess I’ll have to update if I want them lol. Thanks a lot for the heads up.