Regarding Maliwan weapon charge time

I really hope they tune down the charge time a bit or just remove it at once, and tweak any skills that are related to charge time. This mechanic kills half of the Maliwan weapons (snipers and pistols mostly, and shotguns are just outclassed by any other brands, I’m talking about non-legendary weapons). I know some of the Maliwan legendary weapons are good, but it shouldn’t be a reason for non-legendary guns to be obsolete and not fun to use.

Terminators and pulsars are a blast to use, nebulas are also good as well. I agree though snipers and pistols suck, they can solve that issue by bringing Sniders back, they’ll just snide at that charge time!

Pulsars is good, and it makes sense since it’s basically a laser gun. They can add more legendary Maliwan weapons that don’t require charge time but it will be great if they balance the common weapons as well.

the snipers and shotguns are actually my faves but the snipers suffer a lot bc of the high fire rate + low ammo pool. I dont mind the charge time- ive always loved the gun feel, but i think being able to charge them while sprinting would be a nice QoL change. try em out with rushin offensive and it feels a lot more natural.

Are pulsars laser weapons? Could’ve sworn they were a straight up SMG.

Anti-Matter and Proton Rifles (Maliwan sniper rifle variants) do not have charge time. The Proton Rifle will charge if you hold the fire button down instead of a single tap if you want a single, burly shot (I’m not entirely sold on the cost of twice the ammo for the Anti-Matter rifle if I have a Proton available).

I think Maliwan makes at least one line of weapons for every type with zero charge time, and if you want to lean on the weapon gimmick a little harder, charge away.

it is absolutely needless and it makes a lot of the guns for zane useless as he can not use his biggest dmg skill which is violent momentum. it neither feels good nor gives any good shooting experience. especially the moduels that auto release on charge… ■■■■ is that about.

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I don’t use snipers nearly as much as I did in BL2 but when I do… :wink:
It’s usually a Maliwan. Good utility gun. As such I don’t care much if I spend 2/3+ of the ammo pool in one go. Wouldn’t touch an Anti-Matter Rifle with a 10’ pole though.
I used purple shotguns and smg’s but for me. They don’t cut it damage wise while pushing a build.
The charge time does kill some guns but for the most part it’s just something you have to keep in mind and use accordingly.
The “charge once to empty mag” really benefit from mag increase. High dps burst with a long burst delay.