Regarding Matchmaking

Well in the Borderlands show there was a short discussion about the matchmaking system right now and if it would be possible to make the system better like having an actuall browser to see people who play, i mean fair enough its 2020, but the answere just blew my mind.
It was like yeah the dude working on that would need to completely redo the system and also work on the servers would have to be done, all in all just to much work for them…

My opinion:
Well it may be work to be done but in all honesty this needs to be changed.
We are living in 2020 as i sayed i mean Borderlands 2 had this feature already also the UI was much better imo. Its obvious that gearbox did not put the effort the game would have needed.
This company is telling us they wanna create the best possible Borderlands experience but as for now they´re just working on things that had to be in the game from the very start.
We are still missing out on stuff that should have been in the game and its almost 2nd DLC.

What to do?
Guys let us give them the motivation to really create this Borderlands experience they wanna create. I am still in good hopes the game actually manages to survive, there is still a lot to be done to actually make this game how it should be but we will see.
At least i dont wanna be the one who gives up hope just cause of bad news i know miracles can happen i wonder if this game can make it happen.