Regarding my favourite character of all time, Handsome Jack

First of all, I do want to start off by saying that I do not like Borderlands 3’s writing in terms of it compared to the other games. On its own, it perhaps could have been alright…but it felt incredibly disjointed to the other games. As we go through each game, t felt connected to the other games whereas in 3 it felt like everything that happened in the past games had no significance in 3. And that surprisingly bothered me.

So regarding Handsome Jack - my favourite character of all time. To me he is a central role in the borderlands universe and yet in 3 he was mostly absent apart from a side quest echo log kinda deal.

I know people don’t like Anthony’s Burch because of some of the posts he made…but he was a great writer. And his absence is very much felt. Jack was a creation of his and when he left, they scrapped the script he started and made what we have now. I’m wondering if this means they’ll avoid having any Jack in the future?

On top of that, a lot of details from past games were ultimately ignored. Characters changed in, my opinion here, but in a bad way. They felt more wholesome and relatable in 2. In 3 they all feel…bland?

And regarding Tales or the pre sequel - will they ever address it or is that being brushed under the carpet?

I wonder if Borderlands 3 is a hush hush reboot since it feels like they’ve retconned a lot of what’s been established before, changed characters (Vaughn is a big yikes. He was never that bad in Tales…) and have ignored a lot of questions I think we were hoping to have answered.

Feel free to let me know if there is anything in the past games that has been carried over to the new one - lore wise as Scooters death and such…well I think you can’t just undo that.

But I’m really worried that either Jack is cut out from the universe now (exception of an Easter egg here and there because people loved him) or they might try and do something with him. And honestly, I really hope they don’t touch him as they ruined a lot of my favourite characters already.

What do you guys think? I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on where the series is going! Do you think it’s a sly retcon?

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They already retconned BL1 when they did BL2, so there’s precedent.

I don’t agree with that. Events in BL1 were still addressed in BL2 so it felt like a continuation of the story.

I don’t recall Lilith having fire powers when I played her in BL1.

“Phoenix”, the capstone of her elemental tree (probably where her Firehawk moniker came from). Also if you equipped an Artifact which made her action skill incendiary damage when exiting Phasewalk she would create an incendiary nova.

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Bloodwing changed sex between the two games as well though, correct?

I don’t believe so. Bloodwing has always been a girl as far as I remember.

As a Mordy player, he definitely said “that’s my boy” and “good boy” when Blood attacked in BL1

I just read the trivia section in the Wiki. Appears the writers tweaked (retconned?) Bloodwing for BL2.

Hmm. I wasn’t aware of that. Though I suppose that’s because they planned to kill Blood off in 2. So they made him a her so that she would have offspring? Though they could have done that with a male…I dunno, that’s an unusual one. But not really one that affected my view of Blood tbh.

Me neither, just pointing out another potential inconsistency between games.

I don’t think it’s nearly on the same scale as the inconsistent between the presequel/2 and 3. Bloodwings gender I think is a fairly small thing compared to how much they’ve changed the siren lore or how much they’ve changed the characters.

In the trailer , they showed Hammerlock, Aurelia and Jakobs all beside on another and I got excited for her returning. Because as vain as she was, she cared for her brother and condemned Jack. When she gets downed in pre sequel, she says ‘Alistair…’.

But her character in 3…it feels like someone completely different. And she’s just one of many examples :frowning:

Yeah Bloodwing being written as female in BL2 was originally just a big honest brain fart moment for them, so they came up with that lore ‘fix’ to state that Bloodwing’s species changes sex halfway through its lifespan. Hey it works, and it’s not without biological precedent either. :slight_smile:

oh, please. Not to the same extent where she was suddenly a fire monster in BL2. Her main skill in BL1 was Phasewalking but from what I recall she seems to have largely forgotten that since.

BL1 was a relatively simple story about looking for treasure but with BL2 and TPS all of a sudden there’s this big back story where all the VH are closely linked and in TPS that’s taken further where they apparently have a personal connection with Jack. History has been repeatedly re-written