Regarding the option to disable modifiers in Mayhem

To anyone who thinks being able to turn off the modifiers while still getting the increased loot bonus would be “cheating” or anything of the sort. Kindly rethink. It’s a video game. You’re meant to have fun. And not everyone’s idea of fun is the same.

Eventually, mods are gonna get made for Borderlands 3 that will allow people to turn the game into their perfect version of it. But that’s not a reason for Gearbox not to move in this direction too. If the player base is making mods to give people more options, then that means it’s something that the player-base wants, and Gearbox should move to this end.

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i dont mind the reduced world drops
they are screwing up the game anyway


What bonus loot? World drops? You mean more Malak Banes?


I hear you. Malak’s Bane has become the new Woodblocker for me.

There is an option to disable Modifiers… But hey VH’s hunt for slickest pieces their skills can muster! The slickest pieces have a prerequisite… A right of passage.

I dunno man, I spent a long time underpowered but not once was lowering difficulty an option. The Grinder’s bane is wussing out… Historically, lowering difficulty is considered as such.