Regenerating ammo

In Borderlands I got one SMG that had regenerating ammo.

That’s the only time I have had this perk in Borderland, 2 and the pre sequel.

Is it very rare, been removed, me going mad and imagining it, what?

Are you asking “are there guns in 2 and pre sequel that regenerate ammo”? If so I don’t believe that there are guns that regenerate ammo but I know that there’s a class mod in each game that’ll regenerate bullets unlike Roland’s COM which does all ammo including rockets.

This was on the console and quite late in the game and was very useful as I also had another SMG that had very good perks (if I remember correctly, high fire rate, large magazine, good scope and electric damage) so would use that then sit in a corner for a few minutes while I equipped the other one and got all my ammo back.

When I played the other games all the perks I had seen before were there except this one so was just wondering.

Actually came on the forums to read about Battleborn but discovered my original Shift ID still worked so decided to ask as it always bugged me.

So you’re wondering why the SMG is regenerating ammo. It’s because it’s a Tediore Savoir thus a legendary and in BL1 (this game) all Tediore legendary weapons have the legendary effect of regenerating ammo for that gun type.

If I remember right the Avenger pearlescent smg in BL2 regenerated ammo. That’s the only one I remember but it’s been a while since I’ve been on BL2…

Whoops, it does regenerate smg ammo :blush:
Still, there aren’t many that regenerate ammo post BL1

Ot was kind of a trickle of ammo compared to the original though. Lol

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I’m not familiar enough with TPS, but in BL2 Salvador had the Hoarder COM that would regen ammo. That, his action skill, some of the shrines in Tina’s DLC, and the afore mentioned Avengener(SMG) are the only sources of ammo regen I can think of post-BL1.

In BL1 you could get ammo regen from weapon class specific COM decks(Sniper, Ogre, Rifleman, Mercenary, etc.), some of Roland’s Support perks, and global team ammo regen from the Support Gunner COM.

But yeah, lots of possibilities for ammo regen in BL1.