Regenerating health hopefully never again

It kinda makes dots pointless and if you not constantly fighting a target to kill it. The target will have full health in no time

I’ve run through to 72 and never noticed the health regen.

Actually, I did notice frustration up until I passed Flint. After that, meh. Of course I don’t deal with DOT.

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They are not completely pointless, but for best effect you need to have the enemy slagged. Also be aware that some enemy types see DoTs wear off faster than others, so you do have to keep applying it. You will get DoT kills, but not on their own.

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It would be okay as long as they made sure to only put this health regeneration in some optional super-hard mode.

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They did - it’s called UVHM :wink:


It’s both not funny and hilarious when you spell it out like that. :laughing:

Regeneration is gone in BL TPS.

Same here. Health regen was only a problem for me when I had to deal with shielded enemies that never stop moving and run for cover constantly, such as Scavengers, and even then it wasn’t that big of an issue. When it comes to every other type of enemy, I hardly even notice it. The health regen really isn’t as fast as some people seem to think it is. Some people act like it makes enemies invincible or something, when that’s hardly the case.


I 100% agree that health regeneration is lame and should be put down like Ol’ Yella

Meh, if you know the ins and outs of your character, gear and enemies you won’t really notice the health regen.
If you ask me atleast.

Then again, I might be one of the few who thinks that OP8 is still too easy.