Region not available!

Hello, I am trying to buy the super deluxe edition but my country is not listed in the region. can I just choose the US? I tried to and seemed to send me to the last page where I have to put my credit card details…my question is, will I be able to install it and play it normally after I buy and there might be a region restriction based on my IP. I’m From Lebanon btw

  1. Which System? PC? PS4? Xbox One? PS4 Pro? Xbox One X?

  2. If PC, have you tried using a VPN to run your internet connection through, and then setting up the VPN to show you as being in the US or another Region? :thinking:

yes sorry for not mentioning that im on pc…i dont need vpn at this stage since i can choose united states from the list and it send me to check out…i am wondering what happens next, if i had to go thru vpn everytime i wanted to play i dont think i will buy it