Region-related bug

I’m playing original Borderlands on Xbox One and I found some problems with it. First of all there are no voices during cut scenes/intros. There are sound effects, but all characters are mute. Also in DLCs there are no proper subtitiles in cut scenes/intros, just some kind of place holders. Are other people having such issue? Do I need to re-instal game, or just wait for some patch?

I changed thread’s name to better represent nature of issue. Details in posts below.

I had a very similar effect going on, but I was playing The Handsome Collection in Son of Crawmerax, background noise, but no voices. (Xbox 1)

My machine had been on for several days at that point, so once I restarted the my xbox it was fine.

I haven’t had it again since.

Thanks, guys! I’ll pass this on to the team!

Seems like a good place to ask:

  • If I have the physical 360 BL GOTY disc, can I use that to get BL on XB1 without purchasing a second time?

  • Also, I have Tales from the Borderlands which is obviously a digital download; can I re-download the game onto the XB1 without purchasing a second copy?

Edit: to clarify, I tried the following (from the xbox site), but the XB1 won’t accept the GOTY disk…

You mean second (expansion) disc isn’t recognized by Xbox One? If so, then it’s because all 4 dlcs are already included in XO’s version. After putting first Borderlands disc in, console should download a “patch” - which is actually whole game with all dlcs. I didn’t bought dlcs and I don’t have GOTY disc version, but I have all 4 dlcs unlocked when I play Borderlands on Xbox One.

Actually, it won’t even accept the disk! I put it in the slot, the XB1 starts to take it, then it goes “Urk” and spits it back out again… I managed to install Fallout 3 from the Platinum edition disc, although I haven’t checked whether or not the DLCs are included with the initial digital download.

Hey @teusz1, I finally figured out my issue with the disk, got it in, and my XB1 now says that I have BL1 installed (8.6 GB - sound about right for the game + DLC?) but for some odd reason I can’t actually launch the game. Doesn’t matter if I have the disk in or out, clicking on the BL1 icon in my “installed games” list just takes my to the store. Any ideas?

Even when you have game installed on console’s harddrive you can only run it if 1) you’ve bought it digitally or 2) there’s game’s disc inside the console. It looks like your Xbox doesn’t recognize Borderlands disc, which is weird considering that it recognized it before, when it downloaded the game (otherwise it wouldn’t do that). You’re using disc 1 from GOTY (one with game itself, not dlcs), right? When my Xbox doesn’t read the disc, then it means disc’s dirty and needs cleanup or that console’s blu-ray drive is jamming (it sometimes takes me few tries of putting in and out disc, before console recognizes it).

Looks like the queue just got messed up somehow - it was showing installed when it hadn’t even properly queued it. Problem fixed after a restart, although the downloads are taking forever over DSL even at 14GB down. Which means I won’t be able to fire up the game until tomorrow earliest :frowning:

I’ve found reason why I have issues that I’ve mentioned:

I live in Poland and language in my system is polish. It seems that polish version of Borderlands is broken with some texts and sounds missing. It’s very strange, because Borderlands wasn’t even localized in my country, so it shouldn’t be any different to english version. When I switched language in system to english (UK) game worked fine.


Glad you resolved the issue. It’s STILL a great game!

I have the exact same problems (no voices in cutscenes, placeholder text in DLCs) when playing Borderlands GOTY on Xbox 360. However, my locale is already set to English (country is set to Czech Republic, where I live). Did you change anything else?

Oh, it seems I fixed it! I had to change my locale from Czech Republic to United Kingdom. Seems like some bug in the game. Mods, please make this sticky or something, I guess now that B1 is BC on Xbox One more people will encounter this problem.

Currently language is tied with region (I heard M$ is working on this and soon it’ll be separated) so when I switched to English, I had to switch region as well (I chose UK). However from what you said, it seem that bug is connected to region rather than language. I hope they’ll fix this, as even if someone knows what to do, then still constant switching of regions is annoying.

And what changing locale/region of console affects? Why not keep it on UK?

On Xbox One version of the game is tied with region. If you play e.g. Halo in UK or US you’ll have English version of the game, in Poland you’ll have fully localized Polish version, in Germany German etc.

Also Xbox One menu in localized. Also you can’t buy things on Xbox store if you don’t have credit card issued in a country of region.

Games published by 2K don’t have localized versions for my country, but basically all other games are localized (CoD, Battlefield, FarCry… you name it). It means that I have to switch regions (and restart console etc) just to play bug-free version of Borderlands. When I play multiple games within one session it becomes very annoying.

However if you don’t care about Xbox store and most of your games aren’t localized, you can set and keep any region that suits you.