Registration is OPEN for HGL Incursion tournaments this weekend (Feb. 3-5) on all platforms

In case you missed it last weekend, Helix Gamers League hosted Incursion tournaments, with 5 teams showing up on PC and Xbox One, and 10 teams showing up on PS4. All participants received Pendles’ Cyber skin.

This weekend, HGL is once against hosting Incursion tournaments on all platforms. These tournaments have no grand prize, and aren’t hyper-competitive high-stakes sweat fests, so I encourage everyone that can make it to sign-up, expand the scene, and maybe learn a couple things about playing at a higher level than pub matches. Registration is open for teams of 5 and for free agents.

Xbox One: Friday, Feburary 3rd, 6PM CST (12AM UTC Feb 4th):[xb1]-hgl-battleborn-open/588f483c9c44303f03856375/info

PlayStation 4: Saturday, February 4th, 2PM CST (8PM UTC):[ps4]-hgl-battleborn-open/588f47d5b771b7460366aaea/info

PC: Sunday, February 5th, 2PM CST (8PM UTC):[pc]-hgl-battleborn-open/588f4882fa7a41e80399c901/info

Currently, no teams are registered to participate in any of the tournaments, so get a team together (I know all y’all have your 5-stack you run with ;)), sign up, and register, and spread the word. Maybe you have something to prove, maybe you want to compete with/against players at your level, maybe you want to improve your drafting or overall skill. Whatever the reason, I encourage everyone that can to participate.

A personal note on PC registration: Teams Sweep The Leg and Dunk Squad from last weekend’s tournament have agreed to abstain from this tournament, so that that competition can have some variety. So, if you are playing on PC and are hesitant to sign up because you don’t see the point in competing when the result is effectively predetermined, don’t worry. We know that there are a handful of good 5-stacks out there on PC, and even more capable solo-queue warriors, so we encourage y’all to take your shot at the champion title. (As of right now, it shows Team Sweep The Leg as registered, but I have been informed by my captain that he has removed us from registration and that we don’t intend to compete this weekend)


I know it’s impossible to appease everyone, but this time for the Xbox tournament excludes any American that works 9-5pm, especially those on the West Coast. This would seem to be a big enough participation block that we might consider a later time of day.


Yep. 2pm on a weekday isn’t a good time for me.

You could try joining HGL’s Discord and contacting them about times there. Unfortunately, I have no affiliation with HGL, so I can’t do anything about times.

Would love to participate but XB on Friday isn’t going to work for me. Hopefully next round.

I missed last tourney, I was hoping to participate in the next one. But I’m on Xbox and I have to work until at least 5pm central time on Friday. That sucks.

SweepTheLeg and Dunk Squad are sitting out for this week’s tourney. I might be able to make it as a free agent again, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I should have an answer by Friday though.

edit: I’m free on sunday, already signed up.

The XB1 tournament has been moved to (7PM-EST/6PM-CST/5PM-MST/Midnight-GMT)

And the page now reflects those changes:
Date & Time
Friday, February 3rd 2017
7:00 PM EST

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve updated the main post to reflect this.

Any room for a commentator/streamer for the PS4?

You would have to contact HGL about that. You could probably reach them on their discord or through their contact info on the links in the original post.

thanks, I sent them an email.

Just reminder that today is the last day to sign up for tomorrow’s PC tourney. Currently only 2 teams are signed up, with enough free agents for form two more teams. Last week, we had two teams register in the final hours before check in, so make sure to sign up, get the word out and make this tournament juicy.