Regular enemies pose no actual threat

I mean sure the super baddassess with the missile launchers and the annointed pose a real challange, but the rank and file are just sort of there. I can usually just ignore them. I don’t even need to take cover for the most part. I for one would enjoy the game more if regular enemies did a bit more damage, forcing me to take some cover and plan my assaults more carefully.

Badasses with missile launchers are more than a challenge. They can two shot you from across the map with unerring accuracy, even if you’re sprinting full speed to dodge them. All while completely blinding you.

Theres a reason Moze players relied heavily on a homing type grenade in Slaughter Shaft.


Use weaker gear? I mean, I’m kind of kidding, but kind of not. I was pretty fluent in finely tuning the difficulty in BL2 for this same reason (sometimes I want to steamroll: sometimes I want to struggle), but haven’t gotten far enough in BL3 to be able to comfortably have methods for fine-tuning the difficulty yet.

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YEa, those guys piss me off. They shouldn’t be allowed to SPAM, They will fire repeatedly faster they we even cam. Only recourse is taking cover, try to move around attack from another spot

With all these nerfs your have your wish already. No need to ask them to make the game any harder.

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@B33F-SUPR3M3 do what I do when I test my gear. Put on mayhem 3 and roll til you get the worst modifiers for your weapon of choice. Don’t change weapons when things go south. If you up more than down, you’re doing good. Also wipe all your skills. So you see the weapon do its work. Most people play in Tvhm or Mayhem 1. At least what I’ve come across in my first time online with the game this weekend. The highlight for me though,jumped in a Mayhem 3 proving grounds,running my Skeksil pistol build,and it was on point. I put it up on YT also.

I actually like wading through a group of rabble without fear of dying, feeling a little powerful until a rocket man (or woman) cuts me down in size. Its a nice variation. If I would have to cower and hide all the time Borderlands would lose some of its charme but thats just me.


This. Plus, with the added variance in mobs (I feel, compared even to BL2); Longshot Fanatics alone make enough engagements require half a brain, which is half a brain more than I needed for basic mobs beforehand. More than Goliaths or Tinks or anything, those darned sniping Fanatics are probably the best addition to any mob.

(honourary shoutout to Sluggas, as Psychos that last more than three seconds)

They aren’t supposed to pose a threat. They are there to fuel the power phantasy by being easy to kill


So what your saying is they need to nerf the gear and Vault Hunters? I agree, that Flakker is way too powerful. And I just mow over the enemies when playing as Zane, let me tell ya!

Gearbox should set the gear stats however they see fit. It sounds like the OP is built/geared too strong for the regular crowd, so it’s up to him to back it down.

For example, I don’t have a Flakker in BL3, but if it’s anything like 2 mechanically, it’s fun to use. If it (for the sake of argument here), one-shots everything, I would find that boring. In the interest of still being able to use this gun, however, I would just get a lower-level one that I found with entertaining damage output. I mean, it’s easy to say that (there’s a lot of farming time involved), but it works.

In BL2, I did this with the Bee shield (waaay too strong in my opinion, so I used one about 12 levels lower than the UVHM enemies, and found it just right). Same should work here.

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Yeah I agree. I was just poking fun at all the nerf doomsayers that have been around here lately.

They are legion, though this is about par for the course (BL2 went through much the same thing at launch).

Why do normal enemies need to be harder when Gearbox will just spawn 4 Aimbotting Rocket Badasses and 4 Badass Armored Shotgun Tinks with 74 health bars every 30 seconds?

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Anybody that finds the game too easy can just unequip gear . Maybe try beating graveward using only melee attacks and slams . There is a challenge for you

They may not pose an immediate threat, but they are a problem. If you get surrounded or have to fall back they’ll prevent healing. Every hit resets the delay.

I’ve spent so much time dealing with customers service department trying to get my account straight that all the excitement was ripped out.
I’m to the point of why even play anymore? The game feels like a task more then a game.

I was wondering if anyone could help me power lvl my Siren and a Moze I was going to start tonight? And could dube items as well?

It seems like every time I get on I keep either getting really depressed and bored or Lost. ( Even with the map.) And I don’t have the Eridum shovel.
And I keep hearing about True Vault Hunter mode and how much more of a challenge it makes for players.

And my gear is meh to say the least. So I am hoping someone can help me get to point where things are a little less boring.

If you are willing to help my Xbox Live tag is
I usually get on around 12 am central.
And I don’t own a headset.( Just had to fix my roof.)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope anyone can help. It would be greatly appreciated.

The snipers are the one normal enemy that will health gate you with each shot. If you get hit by one and you don’t get your health above 50% before the next shot hits, you’re in FFYL.

I dont really nerf myself but I simply use guns that I enjoy. Like bl2 it’s still dahl and I get plenty of challenge. Havent relied on anything op to do any content thus far. The balance here compared to bl2 is much better

you know the same problem kinda infected wow a while back. they tried this scaling crap. and the power creep became a real issue, get a good weapon, you didn’t feel like you were doing any more damage then before. not every fight needs to be an epic encounter, that is asking they make all mobs badasses, which defeats the purpose of the horde of bandits.