Regular Story Missions Now Only Allow Up To 3 Payers (resolved)

So it seems that regular story missions (not ops) only allow three people and not five anymore. Normal, Advanced, and Heliophage all search for only three players. Anyone know anything about this? I haven’t seen anything official anywhere about it.

I think it’s to cut down on the search times, but you should still be able to private queue with up to 5 people in the non-story OPs.

REALLY? Oh no, I hear Rivaire coming…
But uh, this may not have been the best move


So they finally decided to tamper with the story as well.

So I was right, they are just throwing the concept of 5 man under the bus as if it never existed.

And surprise surprise, they didn’t even bother announcing it.

Newcomers, at this point, wouldn’t even know 5 man PvE existed at one point. Is it any wonder why I have been so cynical over almost everything in this game? And at the moment, I cannot even get a 3 man run on Operations, so reducing it from 5 to 3 didn’t make any jack of a difference. I’m still not playing after waiting for over 10 minutes, and they seriously think that changing the numbers to even lower is going to do anything?

Brilliant work here, I am running out of praise these days.


Can we at least alter the team dependent lores so they fit in with the 3 player restriction? There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to complete Benedict’s Peacekeeper lore in PvE. Kinda ticking me off that I’ll have to go into PvP to finish his lore, since I’m basically cannon fodder as Benedict.


I was going to say what the tour should actually be as far as requirements go but it spoils it a tad.

But I agree. It’s really hard to convince people in pvp to pick 3 other peace keepers. Ernest’s and gali are pretty easy to get but someone’s gotta really like om monty or ghalt to fill that last slot

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This is unacceptable. I purchased a game that had story mode with five-man teams. How do I access the game I purchased? If I cannot access the game I purchased, then a full refund should be available.

Angry Edit: Yet again, another slap in the face for PVE players; PVP still has five-man teams. Have all the lore challenges been changed accordingly?

I’ve never seen a video game mismanaged as badly.


I actually like this. 5 man on public was just too hard. On the otherhand, it is very quick to start a game as soon as there’s 2 players in the lobby, which is both good and bad (carry CR6 through advanced experiment anyone?).

I would still like people to be able to stay in the lobby after a mission ends though, i dont play much on public these days, but i would of thought that would have been enabled by now just to help with keeping a lobby going instead of starting over each time.

I am in the public queues for Battleborn Day, but i will probably return to soloing story missions just because i can more reliably do side objectives or hidden chests (ie voids edge) and enemies arent nearly as lethal.


…Agree with lowlines on two things:

  1. 4 man teams on Helio advanced were always gooder.
    5 person never worked out unless it was with friends.

  2. Please gearbox, make it so people can stay on teams.


So, is it confirmed or just some random happening?

I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a permanent fixture.

All I know is when I queue for story, it can only search for 3 man teams.

GBX didn’t announce this at all anywhere in their Battleplans or news in general, so I’m just going to assume they hope no one was going to find out so they could brush it under a rock with minimal amount of feedback.

And so far, it is working because it’s obvious not enough people give a flying muck about PvE. If not, there would be more threads like this one demanding what the hell is going on.

PvP is always the priority, right? I mean, this is why PvE was getting screwed hard up their rear ends until October, but the DLC itself was just meh overall. And now we have a disaster that is DLC2 that is a time-sinker where you cannot finish it under 25 mins because of the engine room.

I’m feeling a lot of love here.

Can’t you see I’ve been saying nothing but GOOD things ever since October?

Absolutely disappointing.

I completed it in 15:55. Got all OPS points/challenges too. Did skip the Toby challenge.

Yeah, still doesn’t explain why the removal of 5 man in story.

I still despise DLC2 regardless of your impressive feat.

Yeah, it’s a strange change indeed…

And I hated the DLC too :confused:

Any 5 man groups of friends who play together will now have to be divided.

3 will stay, 2 will quit.

Do not assume people are that willing by default to look for new people. I don’t like making friends, and yet I gave a lot of effort to befriend about 10 people that I consistently play with.

Essentially this game, GBX by extension, asked 40% of their PvE 5 man group players to quit the game.

This is why we have 600 players on Steam, right, despite being a massive Battleborn Day event?

Are 5 players not possible in private matches anymore?

[quote=“Rivaire, post:16, topic:1550533”]Any 5 man groups of friends who play together will now have to be divided.
Essentially this game, GBX by extension, asked 40% of their PvE 5 man group players to quit the game.[/quote]
Don’t exaggerate. Not quit but play their own mission. It will only be an issue if said group is doing a mix of PVP/PVE runs.



If I were a part of a 5 man PvE team/group, and all of a sudden the game now functions with 3 man only. What do the other 2 guys do?

If all I want to do is play with these specific people because they are good or reliable or whatever, then I don’t wish to play the game anymore, as the game no longer provides me the experience I want.

I already have enough friends that quit this game because of how the directions are going. I’m hardly making up rhetoric. I don’t use that sort of creativity here in these forums.

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Are we sure you can’t go with a 5-man team into a mission? Maybe it only affects a pick-up-group…

If you would’ve said you want to play 5-man missions only, I’d get it, I like it too, but this? You can still play with these people, but not with all of them at once.