reincarN8ed's Alani Review

I’d like to preface this by saying :D! I love this character! I found my new main. I love supports, I love waterbenders, mermaids are ok too I guess, so Alani is like my dream character! I am the last person who wants to see her nerfed. And yet…

She does way too much damage for a healer. The big offenders are Geyser and Emergence. Geyser can be spec’d to apply 30% bonus damage to enemies inside. To put that in perspective, Reyna’s marked target only take 16% more damage. 30% is a death sentence to anyone in the bubble. Emergence does a ton of damage on its own and needs to be dialed back a bit. She also has ridiculously good self-heals, better than Miko before the patch.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the good parts! Alani is super fun to play! Her burst heal requires constant engagement with the enemy to be effective. Playing Alani is unlike any other character I’ve played. I was obsessed with keeping my Osmosis stacks up and healing teammates at just the right moment. Pushing an enemy into a Geyser is super satisfying. I love everything about her! An average Miko can outheal an average Alani, but a great Alani can’t be beat. Besides being a little OP, the two things that frustrate and confuse me are how slow she moves and how hard her lore challenges are. I had a few allies die on me because they were just out of range of my heal and I couldn’t run to them in time. As for the challenges, I have yet to hit 5 players with a single use of Riptide, and I have to do that 50 times, and killing an enemy Ambra 25 times is going to take more luck than skill.

Besides a few gripes and some OP abilities, I really like Alani. I hope she gets fine tuned soon and I can’t wait to get Master of Alani!

EDIT: after getting in more play time with my #1 support, I’m gonna redact what I said about Alani being slightly OP. She requires proper timing and skill to land her attacks. Geyser and Emergence are skill shots, and even Riptide can miss. Players need to constantly think about Osmosis stacks. Should I use a 2-stack heal or try for 3? If I heal now, how can I get more stacks? Self-heal or heal a teammate? I will say I think Alani is above-average, but not OP.


Thank you for an honest review. She is really fun to play tho but a bit to strong definitely.

Don’t think she is op. Her wave push thing is annoying since it’s so large of an area though.

Haven’t been killed by her yet and don’t plan on it.

I could see the bubble thing being an issue with premade teams… too easy for a full damage spec’d Montana or an Oscar Mike/ghalt to empty a lot of ammo into the bubble and maybe drop a trap/nade under it.

Other than that… I love being healed by her. Instant full, sometimes I don’t even realize I was healed until I’m halfway back to the support station!

I see what you mean but that bubble effect and damage bonus only last for the time they are in the bubble “1 second” while Reyna’s 16% increase lasts much longer.

I think Emergence would be better if it didn’t have the ability to stick to a player.

I wouldn’t say she is OP. I would say Melee DPS is her counter because she has so little movement speed. Many times playing with Alani a Melee character completely beat me to a pulp.

The lore challenges are just plain stupid and need to be looked at in a logical sense.

I wouldn’t say she is OP. I would say Melee DPS is her counter because she has so little movement speed. Many times playing with Alani a Melee character completely beat me to a pulp.

Her Q can push back, speed you up, and slow; All 3 of those things counters melee completely. You can also just E right at your feets and run away.

Her big weakness is her inability to substain. Her heal is burst, and if you can force her to heal herself she loses a big part of it. If her entire team needs healing she can only heal one of them, and try healing allies with Geyser; it’s pretty hard.

I feel like her helix is a little bit all over the place. Her H9 should be around H4 H5.

Also, her cooldowns are super high, forcing her to take the CDR on hit.

She feels more like an Hybrid rather than an assassin. She works better with a real support on the team like Kleese or Miko.

The biggest secret though: gear up on attack speed. It is incredibly good on her.

When in a match you normally are going to pick the torrent gets -0.5 CD on hits meaning you are likely to spam those 2 skills rather much. You are not ALWAYS going to have those skills open and thats part of learning to fight her, sure she CAN do those things. If you dont have the slow specced thats out of the equation and if you plan it out to use after the riptide it’s not very hard to do much from there.

Even if they put Eruption at their feet you can run around it and still make it to them before they can run away because her speed is just terrible.

Still regular quick melee pushback plus self heal makes her nearly impossible to kill by melee dps. A halfway decent Alani will heal after initial burst from attacker, push the attacker back.with quick melee, then start building up osmosis by attacking the engager. She should easily get enough stacks for another full stack self heal before dying allowing more time delay. At this point she will likely have her abillities off cool down assuming -.5 're helix. I’m not saying she is OP, to early to tell, but melee is definitely not an amazing counter.

With the correct use of melee I do believe it is a counter.
You push Rath back? Fine he throws you up in the air.
You plan to use a push on Phoebe? Fine she silences you and makes you retreat from lane.
You push back Attikus? Fine he will pounce and stun you while punching you in the face.
You push back Shayne? Fine shane will either pull you in or stun you in your tracks, even if the riptide speed helps boomerang will deal dmg.

Think of it this way, the objective isn’t about killing the opponents, who cares if the Melee DPS cant KILL Alani, the only thing they need to do is push her back and keep her under pressure. (Hehe pressure.)

Miko can heal themselves while healing someone else, Alani has to choose. So her self heal is fine.

Nothing is really wrong with Emergence tho, IMO.

Great Miko totally outheals a great Alani though. Alani just has some more usefull skills to use in game IMO.

I have the exact opposite opinion about her ult. I feel it doesn’t do as much damage as I’d like it to. Her geyser is really only a problem with the augment that makes players trapped take more damage. Other than that I feel like she’s just fine.