reincarN8ed's Galilea Post-Patch Review

“Galilea OP.” If I had a nickle for every time I heard that, I could afford a new car. And she was OP. She could pull, silence, slow, sunder, stun and wound all at once. She could attack while sprinting, block all damage from the front, and regen health like no one else. I, like many others, was expecting GBC to knock a few percentages off her damage, or remove things from her kit altogether, but what they did instead was simple yet fundamentally changed the way she is played.

Instead of her Desecration field applying a long list of debuffs constantly, the skill now only debuffs on initial cast. So if you walk into an existing Desecration field, you will only recieve the sundered debuff (+16% damage received). Galilea players need to time Desecration properly in order to make full use of it.

It seems like this would have little impact, but from personal experience I can tell you it really does make a difference. I’ve played with and against Galilea players post-patch who still use Desecration as soon as they see an enemy. Fast assassins or beefy tanks can walk right through that field to secure a CC or kill on Galilea without fear of slow or silence.

I like where Galilea is now. I was afraid she was going to be nerfed to the ground in a knee-jerk response to countless complaints. She is still strong, but requires timing and skill to use effectively. After this balance, I trust GBX to make smart decisions in the future about balance.

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She is still a beast and still my fav.

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she did get a 40% dmg debuff during beta across all skills believe it or not she was truly invincible as was a few other chars during the alpha

cough Kevin cough

I completely agree, she’s at a nice place now, deadly in the right hands, she rewards people for using her abilities at the right time instead of just dumping them on sight, and you can certainly punish “noobs” that don’t wait for the right moment.

She’s a lot more fun to fight with and against now IMHO