Reinstall the game. Loose progress?

Good afternoon :slight_smile:
I have installed the UHD Texture Pack for BHC and I have neither a PS4 Pro nor a 4K HD monitor. I was just curious if it would work on a normal PS4.
I can see no difference at all. So it’s really only for owners of a 4K setup. The problem is I can’t delete the texture pack. So I have to delete BHC and re-install it. Do I loose my progress and my characters?
I would like to go for the platinum trophy in TPS.

Greetings TQLALA

Saves and games are separated on the HDD. You can’t loose your saves by deleting game data.

As @GrzesPL said, the game files and save files are in separate folders on the PS4. Just make sure you delete the right one! If in doubt, you’ll find the relevant instructions on Sony’s site - just search for “make space on PS4” and you should find a link to the correct section.