Reinstating Let's Bounce?

Despite my aversion towards recent changes to my favorite Chaos Witch, I jumped in a few games with her; some PvE, some PvP.

Just to get a first-hand feel for the changes.

In all cases, the end result was = “This is just depressing…”

Don’t get me wrong, the new additions to her kit are ok for the most part (though, the good Orendis are still going to pick +15% for both T6 and T7).

The 10% attack speed is… nice? I suppose…

Honestly, a 10% increase in attack speed isn’t that noticeable, not to mention, attack speed isn’t even a focal point of Orend’s kit (as I’ve repeated in several posts now).

The slow is… I dunno. I remember taking it, but I can’t seem to recall if I actually slowed anything or not. It didn’t stand out as much as I’d hoped it would.

However, (this is the main part) Nullify’s overall utility has decreased by an alarming amount; especially since the fix to Firewalk.

…which is fine! Firewalk’s DoT was apparently bugged, so fixing the ticks was entirely within the scope of “to be expected”. A bit unfortunate, perhaps. But to be expected.

However, you took TWO things away from Nullify. increased DoT and advanced utility, after stating (directly via patch notes) that you wanted to enhance its utility.

Perhaps fixing the DoT, while leaving the versatility/utility of the skill untouched would have been the right way to go about it.

Cadence really isn’t that much of a boost to Orend’s overall DPS, especially considering where 90% of her DPS/burst comes from.

Having said all of that, I realize that it comes down to what’s done is done.

So, I’m asking you guys; how do we go about reinstating Let’s Bounce?

  • Addition to an existing mutation?
  • Replacement with an existing helix augment?

Because, it’s not just me. There are a LOT of Orendis out there who share this sentiment, and desperately want Let’s Bounce back.


PS: Also, sorry about those two games, Jythri. I’m usually on top of it (just ask AV), but it just wasn’t a good day for me yesterday.

EDIT: Thanks to THO for clearing this up: the DoT affect has not been changed. It just displays the correct total damage now.


I agree People who build her around bolt damage are playing her wrong. I honestly don’t know why they tried to make helixes to build for bolt damage. I wish gbx would also fix orendi’s secondary fire, since it puts out lower damage than her primary. would make here middle helix on level 3 more useful. Orendi’s bolt damage is just meh for me. definitely the weakest thing about the character, but it is supposed to be for someone who’s power is built around skill damage. pretty much there to give her some small amount of sustain damage.

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we don’t? they fixed a bug, and gave the character a massive buff

That’s debatable.

Having Let’s Bounce as an option doesn’t hurt other playstyles though.

I never get “I personally don’t use it, therefore other people shouldn’t need it either” logic…

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she definitely didn’t get a massive buff, a complete exaggeration. I hope all these people who think the new helixes are strong build for instant pillar so I can just out damage them. gbx just gave her more utility and I think the new utility helixes don’t really add anything for orendi. my build definitely won’t change for these weak helixes.

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Same situation here. I tested out a few of the helixes, but we all know the “norm” will be more efficient; both in terms of damage and CD.

In short - absolutely nothing has changed, aside from us losing a significant utility in Nullify.


I didn’t say others shouldn’t use it, but there is a big difference to something that is crucial to a characters playstyle like acid and mellka, then a helix that some people may have chosen while others did not and does not define the character in any specific way.

Let’s Bounce is crucial to how we choose to play Orendi, and does actually fit her character.

She’s a chaotic witch. She’s small, jumpy and absolutely mad. She’s completely insane, and loves blowing people up with her black flames.

Why would she not bounce around like a lunatic?


Poka, they didn’t nerf nullify’s fire damage, they just fixed the text so it would display the proper damage. It always did 21 per tick ever half second which adds up to 210.

As for helix choices, I think the slow is useful for catching fools out for your team. I do miss raining fire on fools with let’s bounce.

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I’m inclined to agree.
Also I think the slow is bugged. I tried to test it in Dojo, but I wouldn’t slow anything after I just finished using nullify.

10% attack speed seems to me is like they thought “soooo…what do we give her again?”. If it was to not give her something useful, might as well leave something unique that some players used. The players who DIDN’T use LB could at least pick a good choice in the Right Helix…even the middle isn’t awful since it seems to favor aiming for crits!

imho I think 'Faster, Faster, Faster…etc"" should have been at 3 OR the non-glitched slow.


You’re right. They changed that in the last patch.

Or the patch before that one. I forget which patch it was, but I remember now!

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about this all day yesterday and all morning.

I think I may have a meet-in-the-middle kind of proposal for keeping Orendi’s helix as is, while still giving us Let’s Bounce back.

In short:

The Issues

  • We have a legendary that no one ever uses

  • We have a skill that some Orendi’s just cannot do without

The Solution

  • We combine them

This effectively kills two birds with one stone.

We’ll see increased use of a character-specific legendary (which is currently, severely underwhelming), and those of us who desperately need Let’s Bounce back, can do so if we’re willing to sacrifice a gear slot.

I, for one, will gladly sacrifice a slight damage decrease (9.10% -> 7.80%) for the added utility of Let’s Bounce, and I know I’m not alone in this.

especially since we’ll be taking both +15% helices anyway, therefore doing more damage and enjoying shorter CDs than everyone else

So, there it is. My proposal.

Thoughts anyone?

Thoughts @ScrubEraser, @Jythri? Is this do-able from a design point-of-view?


It’s probably doable, yes.

I also miss Let’s Bounce. I chose it about half the time playing Orendi.


Fire walk always did 410 damage (per fire) while the old description said 40. It now does 210 damage, nearly 50% less than before the update.


Then why was I doing 21 per tick before the patch?

Are you sure about that? I only ever saw 41 or more base damage per tick pre-patch, and the patch notes said it used to do 410. Damage reduction and shield penetration can create smaller damage numbers, could either of those have been a factor?

I’ll agree if the legendary still keeps the other effect

That is a SPECTACULAR proposal, and i fully agree with it! On a strangely related note, the qoute would also make more sense with that effect.


It makes way WAY more sense, but still keep the other effect as that would make a weak character special effect, and that’s on too many characters

I thought about that too, and was like “hey, it matches even more!”