Reinstating Let's Bounce?

No, it did that damage to minions two weeks ago when I played Orendi. Numbers are one thing I never forget.

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It must have something to do with the glitch they fixed in the patch. Whatever was going on, I was consistently doing 41 damage per tick before the update, and now I’m seeing 21.

Did you test this on a PvE map?

I tested fire walk in both pvp and pve. When the pve damage buff was active, fire walk would tick for 47 damage.

I admittingly am new to battleborn. I have watched a ton of battleborn gameplay though and i’m pretty perplexed at the changes they made to Orendi. It doesn’t really seem like they met the goals they stated with said changes. I personally was looking forward to using bounce since i’m on console and it’s not easy for me to simply just 180 my back to the enemy if I want to nully through them like some pc people claim.

I really hope they continue to tweak the game and somehow bring back that effect. even if it is just built in as the standard behavior of nullify or if it gets put on a gear piece.

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Wait a minute… Raime?

As in, the Fume Knight?

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Yup. my second all time favorite boss from DS2. I changed my username on here to reflect my xbox tag.


For what its worth, i feel like orendis fine and in a good spot now…
…im also not an orendi player, an have only used her a handful of times, and may also be a tad bit biased as an Attikus player :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Im also cool with the Legendary, but i want us to have to earn it all over again, yes yes ;D

I’d be fine with them either replacing Mind Bullets with Let’s Bounce, or changing Mind Bullets to Mind Games, and combining Mind Bullets and Let’s Bounce in to a single Helix mutation choice at level 3.

Also, I actually use the current Legendary quite often, especially in PvE, but even in PvP.

When you’re moving around the map, firing off a random SFP to get a 25% boost on your next SFP alpha strike is very nice. Especially in PvE. =)

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There is no “wrong” way to play any character. Building around bolts may not be the most useful way to play her, but it’s not the wrong way.
It really does bug me the amount of Orendi players who don’t realise how much damage her bolts actually do, they’re good for weakening enemies and then you finish them of with a pillar, and I know they’re not her main damage source but you’re doing about 50 damage per hit (I don’t remember exactly how much) without having to reload, that’s pretty good if you ask me!

But as for let’s bounce, I never used it and I don’t see why it was great (just my personal preference) so I wouldn’t care whether or not it came back, however I know a lot of Orendi players did use it therefore I’m not really sure why it got removed and it seems like a lot of people want it back.

As for the legandary @pokapoka, I think it’s a pretty good idea and would make more people use her legendary. Only problem is that in competitive play legendary gear is usually banned so that would be a bit annoying for some I guess!

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Yup, that’s the main problem with having the effect apply only to her legendary.

I guess it’s either that, or replace it with an existing mutation or helix.

Maybe one of those shield pen helices.

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I beg to differ. Sniper Benedict or front line tank ISIC (or really just “tank” ISIC) are wrong ways of playing those characters.

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Also, front-line Toby or sniper Alani.

Went up against a few newer teams last night… oh boy.


followed closely by…


It was also the first time I’ve ever seen a Deande stacking Heal Power gear…

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Frontline marquis is the new meta

As for the OP, if they do decide to put LB on her legendary, that skill damage better be buffed to 9.10

I remember me and @blainebrossart1 ran into a melee Toby. Yes, a melee Toby. This was before the sentry nerfs and he kept diving beyond the sentry to melee people and do his thing. He went 1-29. I have no idea how he got that one kill.


Melee Toby… good god.

Are you sure one of you didn’t give him a free kill so he wouldn’t feel too bad? x)

I always feel bad killing a Toby, and I was even trying to avoid getting too many kills in that match. But, stacking attack speed on S&A, coupled with the fact that he just would NOT stop diving.

He would generally last 1.0~1.5 seconds, before screaming “I deserved that!”.

PS: don’t tell @HandsomeCam


If anything I also think they should probably combine Let’s Bounce with another Helix option (Probably the one that reduces nullify cooldown). There are many helix options out there that give multiple bonuses so it isn’t such a farfetched idea.

I wouldn’t like it though since I always get that helix option and NEVER really used LB. The issue with me an LB is that I’m so used to nullify pushing me back I would end up dying a lot due to involuntarily vaulting myself in the wrong direction…lol

He was on our team. I don’t remember if we tried helping him or not.

Sounds like SOMEONE hasn’t seen me stun someone, punch-knock them into a wall, and body-block them as i continually whack them with Berg’s mine-layer…

Seriously, i THINK i may have more melee kills with Toby than uncharged railgun shot kills, because his melee is actually quite fast and strong. That being said, i only recommend it against squishy or low-health characters that won’t shred Toby in his crit-box as you block them. Most freak out though, and try to escape instead of fight, which is interesting.

This is against new players mostly, of course; but i HAVE killed quite a few level 100+ players with it as well…

EDIT: Also, I play Toby on the front line 50% of the time after hitting level 4, and though a skilled player with the right character can chew through me if i’m not careful, i’m sure your opinion would change on that after i hunt your ass down with stun mines…

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Melee Toby… is Best Toby?

I want to see videos. This could potentially be a very marvelous thing.

EDIT: no stuns, plz… T~T

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