Reintroduce Draft Mode Please!

Im getting tired of facing Kelvin/Boldur every second match. Im getting tired playing against broken Attikus comps. Im getting tired of playing with some the worst comps imaginable once i go into a queue alone. Im getting tired of being defenseless against this. Please just bring Draft back as an Option. If you want add it only one or two days a week. I just need it as a breather. The nerfs obviously arent working, so at least give us, the players, the option to ban those against whom we do not wish to play.


Draft? Oh god not again! @blainebrossart1 hold me I’m scared!


Posting this here in an attempt to get the devs to look…


According to that poll people want near equally draft, quick match with incursion, 3v3, and incursion. The only common factor seems to be the availability of incursion. Therefore I agree, battleborn is and forever shall be incursion and draft can pop up once in a while on the weekend with the rest of the gimmick queues.


Really? Draft was #1 on permanent and #2 on event. I had several people exclaim early on that Incursion would dominate it…


The number 1 and number 4 permanent picks have a difference of 3 votes, while solo and draft dominated the weekly inclusion. The only thing people know for sure that they want is incursion as it’s a fixture of all four top picks. Everything else is and should be mutable.


Oh and map voting, people really didnt seem to like random queue.


I just want to play Deande! :sob:

Dont make me go back to perma draft!

Its like eating lead. you can only do so much of it before your stomach melts from crippling depression and you die a slow and painful death due to Deande withdrawal.

I’ll deal ya for one of these: The first weekend of every month is draft weekend. From Friday night to Sunday night all you draft people can go around and do whatever it is you do. That seems like a fair enough amount of lead in the ol’ diet.


F*ck no; it should be every other week AT LEAST. Personal preference aside, it and Solo/Duo are STILL the two highest-voted options, and that demands some consideration.

Regardless, the number of people who prefer Incursion with draft implemented, is still higher. If most people in the poll wanted regular Incursion, it would be reflected in the poll. We are BOTH right here…

A better argument against the poll, coming from it’s own creator as a point against being considered biased is that, since the majority of people who frequent these forums are veterans, it is not a reliable indicator of what the community at large wants; just veterans.


There’s also a lot people not on the forums who I know would love to have versus draft permanently!

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I wholeheartedly agree with this, the Draft queue needs to return ASAP. QM isn’t the place for premade teams, and Draft was the only place where anyone could catch a break from Boldur.

In my opinion, Supercharge should be the queue that swaps on a weekly basis, it can replace the rotation that Solo/Duo queue used to be on. That way Solo/Duo can then be implemented into QM; to compensate however, I’d say make it a Solo/Duo/Trio queue so the people that don’t want to Draft can still somewhat group up.

I also think that the Draft rotation should’ve been the other way around, Draft itself should’ve been the permanent option, but then removed every weekend, just for a bit of freedom during that time for, again, the people that don’t particularly like Draft mode.

As for the Incursion queue, is it necessary anymore? Incursion gets voted 99.9% of the time in Draft anyway, but as Meltdown is my preferred game mode, I’d still like the possibility of being able to play that mode when I have the help of a 5-man. (Even if the chance is slim). I would much rather play a competitive Meltdown game in Draft than having to resort to playing it QM.


Please keep the current configuration in QM on PC unless some miracle happens. During the last few weeks, I’ve seen not a single person complaining about the vote system itself on here.

The 3v3 queue is empty, but doesn’t really hurt anyone. Every player knows to not queue up in there unless you’ve coordinated it with at least another team to increase the odds of finding a game.

Draft on PC would be dead from the beginning again, solo queue wouldn’t help either. Not many people here and I got in a few games as solo queuer which looked like I queued in a 5 stack.

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To be fair, pretty much no configuration will really help the situation on PC, most of the remaining players are in private games or in bots at this point. I think almost every thread not explicitly talking about PC is referring to the console situations, because they at least have a fighting chance.


There’s still matches to be found in QM, at least on peak hours when I can play. They are cutthroat, it’s mostly the same people you find and some teamcomps you see are a little bit cheesy sometimes, but for me it’s much more fun when most of my teammates aren’t already salty at character select because of gamemodes that aren’t Incursion.

I’m not playing daily and when I can play it’s usually only a few rounds, but those games I’ve played during the last few weeks had been good quality balance wise. Most games went for the full length and the amount of BM I’ve seen in my games was practically zero. Someone even apologized afterwards for taunting me in a game on monday, although I deserved it, because I was playing worse than ever.

The situation was completely different when there was other gamemodes in the mix. So many people had a very foul mood and it sometimes was just nasty to watch.

I’ve made my peace with only being able to play Overgrowth and Monuments. It’s a compromise that at least doesn’t actively scare away the few remaining people I can find. Population is too low to separate groups from solo queuers (it’s even too low to justify the novice queues any longer).

Do whatever you want on consoles, we’ve seen in the past that queues can be different on each platform. Please don’t experiment on PC and force me into not being able to play anymore when I can’t find anything again in a reasonable amount of time.

I don’t even care that most of my games end in a loss and an abysmal K/D because I’m basically stunned for half of the match. I just want to play. :frowning:

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Hmm, when I try queuing in the evening US time, my friend and I can never even get a single teammate. We were actually in queue for over an hour the other day at ~6 pm, we didn’t see a single soul. Ofc the game hasn’t exactly been nice to us lately with lots of crashing and random disconnects on good computers and internet connection, so I guess I can’t really expect the queues to treat us any better.

I have absolutely zero chance for the time I’d actually like to play, but that’s been true for a while.

My point was that I think PC has been a lost cause for a real long time now, and most people know this by now. I don’t think anyone expects any changes to PC because we don’t have any options for it, so it’s redundant to bring it up.


I’m usually playing between 9pm and 12am Berlin time and european servers seem to be at least a little more populated.

It’s not perfect, but I usually still can find games within half an hour even when I’m not going in matchmaking with a full stack.


Minimatch is dead as hell on Xbox. It’s an unbalanced mess that nobody wants to play. Bring back draft, let me play Face Off again.

I’ve been extremely vocal about queues throughout the game’s lifespan and I honestly think this is the worst queue offerings we’ve ever had. All we’ve got is incursion (with a small chance of 3 meltdown maps showing up in the vote), bots, dead unbalanced minimatch.

Let me play Face Off again. Let me play Incursion in a balanced (draft) setting. Let me not get stomped every time I solo queue. Let me not be forced to stomp people every time I queue in a team. Let the game be fun.

Queue 1: Solo/duo (All four modes*, 2 man party limit)
Queue 2: Versus Draft (Incursion and I guess you can put Meltdown in there but it will literally never win the vote at least on Xbox. There should be no possibility for all three maps to be Meltdown maps)
Queue 3: Bots I guess
*Map select is up for debate. I’d argue if it’s random the modes should be weighted to make Capture appear substantially less frequently. From people I’ve talked to, no real substantiated evidence admittedly, Face Off seems far more popular on Xbox than elsewhere and Meltdown seems far more popular on PS4 than Xbox. If variance for console can be done, it’d be helpful to have those factors taken into consideration. If voting isn’t random, no mode should be guaranteed a spot in the voting. It should be how it is now, with the Face Off and Capture maps added. Meltdown wasn’t even more popular than Face Off in the old QM without Incursion on Xbox so I don’t know why we have the possibility for three Meltdown maps to show in the voting but can’t have Face Off.

Minimatch can be an occasional event queue if it has to be anything but this seems like the really obvious setup at this point, doesn’t it?


Quick Match - Incursion, Meltdown

Draft Mode - Incursion, Meltdown

3v3 - Supercharged, Capture, Faceoff

Bots Battle

If they want to add a gimmicky mode they can replace Draft with it

Maybe add Faceoff to quick match as well

Also (this is like the third edit) let us see how many active games are going on in each playlist to give us an idea of how long we’ll be waiting

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Just asking, but does anyone actually play mini match? I know that it was played quite often when it was released, but is it still being played nowadays? Because i remeber every 3vs3 vote option besides supercharge being quite silly and not really fun at all.
Just add draft permanently, add quickmatch permanently, with all 3 quick modes appearing on regular basis. And remove draft for normal incursion on 1 or 2 weekdays for those few who cant stand playing it. If you want add solo duo for a day or two.

And i agree that the queues at the moment might be the worst mixup they ever were. You basically have the choice between Kelvin/Boldur for five player or for 3 players. 2 whole gamemodes are nonexistant outside of 3vs3 were they are are even cheesier than before. You are often forced to play incursion or meltdown without the choice to vot for the other mode. Its honestly quite the mess at the moment.

All said above is only applicable to the console versions. I honestly do not know how bad the situation on pc is, but i believe that you guys have a lot more problems finding a match then we do. I think you guys know better how to split up gamemodes there then i do.

Anyway it would be amazing if this thread could get some attention from the developers. Also i am quite glad that i am not the only one who is a bit upset with the current situation.


I raised this question on the Reddit a week or two ago and the response I got was that it was DOA on PC and dried up really quickly on Xbox (I can personally attest that the Minimatch queue has led me to the longest queue times I’ve ever had in this game), but it has life on PS4.

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