Rejoin After Disconnection?

A friend and I were in a party together, playing Meltdown mode. We were playing Meltdown when all of a sudden we were disconnected from Steam’s server, through no fault of our own.

We thought we’d be able to just rejoin the match we were disconnected from, but it just pit us in a new one, leaving our team down two people, meaning they’d probably have to surrender.

Why isn’t it a default feature that you’d be forced (or at least even ABLE) to rejoin a match after disconnection? This seems like an egregious oversight.

Normally there is, the few times I’ve left the game you can’t even start a new game without finishing the last one you were in.

What’s more annoying is the team(s) affected will suffer since the players aren’t replaced. Yesterday, I was playing meltdown when two from our team left and we got utterly annihilated not even 5m into the game. The “vote to surrender” option is even greyed out until later in the match…

Neither of us were able to rejoin the game. Individually or otherwise.

Was it because we were in a party when we disconnected?

Even if that isn’t the case, there shouldn’t be a “normally there is”. There should be “always”, especially in games like this. Rejoining should not be so finicky. It should be a cut and dry.

Like, even if people purposely disconnect, they shouldn’t even be given the option to search for a new game immediately. You start a game, you finish it.

And if you’re leaving because you have to go to work or take care of a sick aunt or something, well, you’ll be able to find a new match when you get back, because that one will have long expired. You know?

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I don’t play in a party so I don’t know if this is a common issue, all I know is that you have no choice but to rejoin when playing solo.

As for players that leave, the game needs to handle it better which hopefully one of the upcoming patches should fix. Even just replacing the player with good AI would be enough for me personally.

Or maybe the thole game went “poof” and there was nothing to reconnect to.