Relabeling Character Difficulty

I feel they missed the mark on a couple characters. WF for example certainly not easy and Alani is definitely not complex. Any other discrepancies people notice.

My issue with that is for some reason, characters people can think are hard can just click for some people and characters that are easy can just be the hardest damn thing to play for others. I know there are some characters people always talk about how beastly they are and I’m like “I got one kill…” but other characters that people complain about that I’m like “17 and 0 bitches!”

But that’s just me.

Just saying… Attikus probably shouldn’t be labelled as “easy”. With his passive alone, there’s a lot of factors to be weighed and considered.

See for me I’m going just character complexity WF is a late game bloomer his abilities take a bit of know how to be usable. Alani really not much to her the kit is obvious the abilities solid and her only real quirk is targeting her heal. I have finished lore on 16 characters at the moment working on my 25 OM kills for WF and my 10 doubles on toby.

Once you know him though he is a monster though but yeah definitely not immediately easy.

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So I went through heroes list, here are my thoughts for PVE:

  • Montana - Advanced. Are you kidding? He’s definitely easy. I had no intention to play him, but a guy asked me to pick him for his lore, and I was pleasantly surprised with his simplicity and effectiveness at the same time. Maybe he’s advanced in PVP because he requires you to think first? But who doesn’t?

  • Kleese - Complex. Well, he’s a king for defense, pretty easy. Can’t say about PVP.

  • Marquis - Advanced. One of the simplest hero in the game. Classic long-range shooter; is there anyone who have played FPS but haven’t played sniper even once? And maps in this game most of the time favor his gameplay. Maybe he is advanced only because people with gamepads have hard time shooting precisely?)) I’d mark him easy. Not more complicated than Oscar Mike, for example.

  • Alani - Complex. Definitely isn’t. Even after they nerf her to normal.

  • Atticus - Easy. People keep having troubles playing him while others say he’s great late-game. Something like WF, I suppose. Probably if they label him Advanced people would be more patient and try to learn him more carefully, not just pick, rush and die.

  • Whiskey Foxtrot - Easy. Same as above, most people think he’s trash, but those who learned to play him properly have good results. He definitely needs patience to learn and handle, awareness of what is happening around, thinking of what you do and what you’re going to do next, how a situation may change. Advanced at least.

And being not a big fan of first-person meleeing (putting it mildly) I don’t see reasons behind El Dragon being Easy, Phoebe and Deande being Advanced and Shane&Aurox being Complex. Something here isn’t right.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

You mix up “power” and difficulty. Difficulty level relies on the hero’s gameplay itself, not how good he is for stomping other players.